25 secrets to watch 90’s film The Santa Claus

The Santa Claus is being brought to the limelight again ahead of Christmas. After 25 years of its release, the Disney film is still the topmost favorite of most people. Holidays are on everybody’s mind as Christmas is just around the corner and Hanukkah is in full swing. After The Santa Clause debuted 26 years in theatres, people still love the movie like before and the fame and popularity never died out.

Tim Allen was famous for his television series Home Improvement, and what most people don’t know was he was not the first choice of the producers. They were hesitant to cast Tim as a leader of the Box Office. Tim appeared on The Tonight Show in 2018 and revealed that the script was far away from light-heartedness. Here are 25 secrets about re-watching The Santa Claus before one snuggles in the favorite holiday sweater with a cup of hot chocolate.

  1. Such a clatter was the original name of the movie
  2. In a podcast review, the first director of the film John Pasquin said that Tom Hanks and Mel Gibson were also considered for the role of Santa Claus.
  3. According to Leo Benvenuti and Steve Rudnick, the producers were not totally sold on Tim apart from his popularity in Home Improvement and believed that a TV star cannot open a movie.
  4. The role of Laura was to be bagged by Tim’s Home Improvement wives Patricia Heaton and Patricia Clarkson. The role of Scott’s ex-wife was finally bagged by Wendy Crewson.
  5. The casting director said that the role of Scott’s son Charlie was the hardest to cast as they were searching for a kid between ages 6 and 9 who could access the emotions properly, have sensitivity, and was innocent at the same time. Eric Lloyd was cast after auditioning at 13 different cities by the production team.
  6. The production strategically used Tim’s face on the body of another kid for the poster of Scott and Charlie so that Lloyd doesn’t have to get paid for another day. Lyod rocked a fake tooth while shooting as he lost his own in a baseball game.
  7. Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey was adamant to not start a film where Scott is shooting Santa Claus which was way darker than the movie.
  8. As a truck driver Jimmy Labriola, Allen’s Home Improvement co-star made a short appearance.
  9. During filming The Santa Claus, Allen had to go through 5-6 hours of prosthetic make-up sessions to get into the character of Santa and had to plug in kilos of fat to attain the big belly. The experience of the whole process was tiring according to him and he got rashes, scratches, and infections from the latex.
  10. Allen told BBC News that there was a time limit to be in the suit because of poor ventilation. They kept him calm and got better in air conditioning him.
  11. Due to the jingling noise of the Santa suit, Allen has to go back and re-record some of his lines.
  12. Allen was writing his first book while shooting so due to engagements at some point, someone or the other used to call him for the shots.