26/11 Mumbai attacks: Israelis demand justice and pay respect to the victims

The 26/11 terror attack shook the entire nation, and the consequences are persisting. The Israelis are paying respect to the victims of the terror attack by holding ceremonies in different parts. They are demanding that the criminals of the massacre be brought to the forefront and served justly.

Several Indian students and Israelis already paid respect to the victims in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Rehovot, and ceremonies are being planned to be held at Eilat and Beersheba on Thursday, November 26th.Hundreds and thousands of people have registered for a virtual ceremony to be conducted on Zoom and planned to take place on Thursday at 8 pm.

A resident of Eilat’s southern Israeli coastal city, Isaac Solomon, had told the PTI that Israel does not consider the countries that speak for the terrorists and provides logistical and financial assistance to the terrorists. He also quoted that the peace-loving countries can step forward and ban the terrorist supporter countries financially and diplomatically. These measures can help terror acts to reduce and help nations improve. Solomon also agreed that it is a matter of pride for Israelis that they are on good terms with a peaceful country like India. The octogenarian said that Israelis pray that the friendship between the two nations grows stronger. 

In Mumbai, a four-day attack was continued by ten militants of Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba. They accomplished 12 integrated bombing and shooting attacks in Mumbai. Nine militants, along with six Jews at the Chabad House and approximately 166 people were killed in 26/11. Apart from this, almost 300 people were injured in the attacks initiated on November 26th, 2008.

The representatives of the Sitar organization for immigrant Jews in Eilat told PTI that they have spoken to Meir Itzhak Ha Levi, the Mayor of Israel, for setting up a memorial for the Mumbai attack victims. Meir stated that the committee that decides square and street issues would be conducted to establish the memorial.

The mayor also suggested that a Mahatma Gandhi square or an India-Israel friendship Square can be constructed where Mumbai’s victims will be paid respect by a memorial stone that will be placed on the Square.In the Jewish victims’ memory, the Chabad Movements Synagogue will be putting up a badge in the city.

A Christian pastor, a Hindu priest, a Sikh priest, and a Jewish Rabbi recited prayers for the attack victims in an interfaith ceremony organized by the Telangana Association of Israel. President Ravi Sharma told PTI that the citizens believe in peace and cannot praise terror. He acknowledged the policy of zero tolerance implemented by Narendra Modi to bring change.

20 Telangana-based Israel workers gathered in Ramat Gan, next to Tel Aviv, carried lit candles, posters, and banners to pay respect to the victims of the most horrifying terror acts to have taken place on Indian soil. Silent protests along with letting candles were held by students of the prestigious Weizmann Institute of Rehovot.

Local Israelis and Ben-Gurion University students, Beersheba, will be organizing ceremonies on the 26th of Thursday to mark the 12th year of the Mumbai attack.The participants of the ceremonies held posters of the victims, pictures of the heinous attacks, and national flags of Israel and India.

Deputy chief of mission, Anitha Nandhini, stated that the objective of the Pakistan terrorists was to drive both the nations apart which didn’t happen as a result of the attack both the Governments drew closer than ever. Both the countries are now cooperating in numerous affairs, including the fight against terrorism.