76 Mosques in France closed down and 66 migrants deported

A massive and unprecedented wave of measures was what the French government has launched to fight against what it has known as religious extremism, as said by Gerald Darmanin the Interior Minister, in adding to his point that 76 mosques have been suspected of “separatism.” Darmanin tweeted his interview on Thursday with the RTL radio writing that in recent days, checks would be carried out on the places of worship.

Upon the confirmation of any doubts, will result in a closure of the organization or the monument. In addition to this, he said that 66 undocumented migrants were suspected of radicalization and has resulted in deportation. President Emmanuel Macron’s government has given a response to numerous deadly attacks in the later weeks and has also promised to break down on what Darmanin has said is” the enemy within”.

 Macron laid out a plan on October to attack what he called as Islamist Separatism, as he described Islam as a religion undergoing crisis globally in the form of comments from millions in France and from around the world. France being home to the largest Muslim minority population in Europe, has people who fear of being punished collectively after an array of attacks in the later months. On October 20, France issued a temporary closure for the mosques outside of Paris as a part of the break down on people who are questionable of encouraging hatred after the brutal killing of the teacher Samuel Paty, who had demonstrated to his class the caricatures of the prophet Mohammad.

The Grand of Pantin that is located in the low-income suburb on the northeastern outskirts of the capital had shared a video on Facebook and other modes of social media before the attack that unleashed hatred against Paty, who was beheaded in front of his school in broad daylight. France had enforced a shutdown of two organizations that re Muslim Charity Baraka City and the civil rights group that checks on the hate crimes- the unified group against the Islamaphobia in France.

 These two organizations have opposed the accusations of the government that they accommodated radical links. The top officials have outpoured with grief and shock when on Wednesday Paty posthumously received the Legion d’ Honneur that is France’s highest honor. The ceremony was attended by the President Emmanuel Macron and by few thousands who were part of the protests.

The attacker of Paty had been frustrated that he showed his pupils cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad. In the days post the killing, the government also launched the crackdown against other Muslim organizations, while neighbourhood groups have attacked mosques, and places of worship in areas like Beziers and Bordeaux, and such locations are under police protection after being threatened with violence.

This has led to increasing the tensions between the state and the Muslims of France, the largest Muslim Minority of Europe. Muslims were already in a downward trend after the launching of the Islamist Separatism on October 2nd by Macron. The fear had also increased about the tragic death of Paty, that it is weaponizing to progress a government policy they worry amalgamate Islam with Terrorism.

According to Yasser Louati a French Muslim activist, Muslims are being targeted and added that Macron is making use of Islamophobia to increase the power of his campaign. When giving a Eulogy on Wednesday, Macron looked back at Paty as someone who was fond of books and was deeply connected with knowledge and also said in one of his lines that he was killed because he made the choice to teach.