A Centralised Human Support: The essential for reaching out to Youth in 2021.

The evolution of consumer behavior is impacted by general shifts. The altitude of Ravi generations does have any effect on the broader population as well. We cannot deny the fact that the current generation holds purchasing power and moreover they do to carry new trends and behavioral patterns. The year 2020 e has been modeled with people trying to get used to the new normal and so are the brands.

That being said, here are our learnings of the latest trends/approaches one has to look at when trying to engage the current Indian youth.

With taking that into consideration, here are the learnings of the latest trends and approaches that one is intended to look at and why to engage with the present Indian youth:

One has to participate in advertising and go way beyond.
The youth of today de standard for themselves and for others and demands to be heard by Society at a large scale and implement changes.

For instance, over 90% of the participating Gen Z youth, provide support for equality in the LGBTQ community and also discusses breaking taboos created by society and also about mental health, in order to move forward and have a well-balanced life. A great majority of the youth keep in view that fashion is for all not just for fashion weeks and moreover it should be about comfort and not only looks. The youth of India is also a part of the generation who are three times more likely to believe that brand plays a significant role in improving society. Thereby establishing the values of the brand and efficient communication is how a brand is connected to the youth.

The presenting hubs of interaction would mostly be the OTT platforms and Gaming.

The first-generation Indians who born to digital natives are the Gen Zers. By this, we not only mean that they have unprecedented access, views, and behaviors are heavily influenced by innovation in technology, but in return, their speed caters back to the influence of technology trends themselves, and also various market businesses and industries are affected both directly or indirectly. For example, about 90 % of respondents did claim that they span additional free time in lockdown on OTP platforms. For a foreseeable future this growing segment where behave in a consistent shift of behavior.

In-game advertising though is tricky and must be handled with care, potentially either building a strong salience or coming across as a nuisance. The game Fortnite is one of the prime examples which has not only hosted live concerts within the game but also been host to the worldwide premier of a Christopher Nolan movie ‘Tenet’.

The gaming sector previously has proven its worth where there was a 26% increase of new users in the year 2020 in the demographic and segment that was already undergoing a pre lockdown wave. Interestingly a massive 71% of the gen z started to prefer a team player game where they can interact with other players while playing the game. In addition to this, the attention span of the game squad high compared to any other digital platform. Game advertising can be tricky and must be handled with care either to build a strong establishment or come across as a nuisance.