A Pure Animation is what you get to see in Wolf walkers.

The attractively animated new film from the creators of “The Secret of Kells” cautions us against the people who deny magic for authoritarian rule.

The myth’s attraction or the fairy tale is not prevalent in the story alone, but in the bigger truth brought through feeling and form. In a deep sense, the legends may be true, even if the events they describe have never happened.

The deep truths and the images that send them is what makes Wolf makers too captivating. The plot is an animated recreation of a legend about part- Human, part – wolf creatures, Wolfmakeers enter from Cartoon Saloon, the renowned Irish animation studios behind the movies like The Secret of Kells( 2009), that was nominated for Oscar and Song of the Sea( 2014). The productions of the studio are quite easy to spot, due to slight variation of style from movie to movie, there is a demonstrated artwork quality and even the artist behind it can be sensed. Nothing can ever feel like it was brought in by a machine.

Kilkenny is where the Cartoon Saloon is headquartered and for Wolf makers, it sheltered close to the home. The story was set in 1650 when the English occupied the city, lead by saintly and angry man, who is also known as the Lord Protector.

No one says it quite absolutely, but considering the Irish History, it is confirmed that Oliver Cromwell is the Lord Protector, who laid a barricade to Kilkenny, took it to the knees and became the ruler in the year 1650. Cromwell, a who was proper in his way, was popularly tolerant of various religious groups, as long as they were Protestant Churches. Irish were usually catholic and the strain of the Irish Christianity amalgamated with the rich heritage of Ireland consisted of ancient and magic culture, posed a threat to the social order of the English.

Wolf makes plays with that History while narrating a story that transforms it. Tom Moore and Rose Stewart directed Wolfmakers, which is a story of Robyn Goodfellow, who just came to Kilkenny with her father Bill( Sean Bean), who is also a wolf hunter. The Lord Protector( Simon McBurney) is determined that wolves living in the woods near the walls of the city are hunted and destroyed, to clear and prepare the forest for the townspeople to farm.

Watching Wolfmakers is basically to dive into optic splendour. For the most part, the characters are accomplished in geometric-like shapes, that has smooth curves and straight lines, with extra features of the type one may find is carved into a cave wall. Similarly, there will be a perspective that is distorted occasionally, that induces us to see the items that are laid on the tabletop, despite looking at it from the side. While looking down in an aerial view o the Kilkenny town, you will witness rows of Housetops, with large castles and churches that are rotated or shifted to see their fronts.

 The basic story of Wolfwalkers is where people get to witness the powerful lose their grip in the hands of the most unlikely people in the form of a little girl and her half-wolf friend. The story portrays what fear does to people. It willingly makes them conniving with evil while convincing themselves they are doing right.