Abhishek Rana discusses the Hospitality Industry problems of Himachal Pradesh

There has been an adverse effect of the covid-19 pandemic on several businesses, where one of them being travel and tourism. The ones who are into to hotel business and taxi service has been severely affected due to the coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown. The state of Himachal Pradesh gets a substantial part of the revenue through tourism but because of lockdown, it has come to a standstill.

The chairman of the social media department for the state of Himachal Pradesh Congress community Abhishek Rana explains the exit 30 faced by the hospitality industry providers in Himachal Pradesh. He looks from the perspective of a hospitality provider and tries to analyze the mistakes.

The youngest politician of Himachal Pradesh Abhishek Rana currently serves as the chairman of the social media department of the Himachal Pradesh Congress committee is also a lawyer and social activist. Abhishek Rana’s family background has been inclined towards welfare for weaker sections of the society. In the year 2000, his family started an NGO with the name SARV KALYANKARI SANSTHA.and also a program named YUVA SAMPARK that was commenced by Abhishek Rana himself under his NGO.

Hospitality industry of Himachal Pradesh was severely affected due to the pandemic other restrictions of subsequent travel. state government ine D allowance for unrestricted entry into the state from mid September, but the state has not completely recovered from the financial shock and the situation is completely different with what it was before.

According to the data of the government as of December 31st, 2019, the state had 3679 hotels registered with a bed capacity of approximately a hundred thousand. Apart from that nearly 2189 homestay units are consisting of nearly 12181 beds. In 2019, the state was visited by 1.72 crore tourists out of which 1.68 crores were domestic visitors and 3.83 lakh were foreigners. What’s the situation of the Coronavirus the numbers have drastically been reduced.

In November Himachal experienced the court cases to be doubled and the total infections increased by over 75%. As per the report of the state, there about 36000 cases that included 572 deaths along with which there were seven thousand active cases present. The surge comes to post the decline period inactive cases in October when the daily recoveries had started to surpass the daily infections.

As per the health officials, when there were no court cases being reported among tourists, an increase in the overall number of cases was contributed by the unrestricted entry, which is due to the lack of will from the government 82 to enforce the pandemic rules effectively.

The Lahaul Valley for example saw a spike in infections after it became a tourist hotspot. According to the medical officers there, many tourists there are seen without masks. Even though no tourists have been tested positive, they have contributed to the spike, because more cases have been reported from areas where tourist influx is high.

For instance, the Lahaul valley witnessed a spike in infections when it was considered to be the tourist hotspot. as per the information given by the medical officers, there were many tourists who are not wearing masks. even though no tourists have been tested positive they are still responsible for the ear spike of the number of cases as many were reported to be from the tourist area.

In here there is a paradox. A major chunk of Himachal’s Economy depends on Tourism. However, evading tourism restrictions has been responding to the increase in cases. The solution to the problem is very much in the idea of responsible tourism where extra efforts need to be implemented and also convince the tourists to follow the Covid-19 protocols and at the same time, it needs to be scrutinized by the government thoroughly.