Actress Sana Khan got married after she had left the film industry

Bollywood actress Sana Khan And big boss 6 followed the actress Zayara Wasim. It was also seen that this actress, Sana Khan, was announced to leave Bollywood in order to serve humanity as she decided the same. On the 21st of November which is a Saturday, it was noticed that the Bollywood actress Sana Khan married Mufti Anas in Surat. after looking at this surprise everyone was shocked and surprised by Sana Khan’s decision. It was also seen that Sana Khan shared a post on Instagram after leaving the world of showbiz.

He was trolled because of her makeup at that time when she was in Bollywood and so still have the entertainment industry stating that she was going to leave for religious reasons. When the public came to know that she got married to Mufti Ans just after she left the entertainment industry, then they got shocked as her reasons for leaving the industry were different.

It was also noticed after the two videos of Sana Khan and her Husband; Mufti Anas Got viral. Sana Khan was wearing a white embroidered dress with Hijab while her husband was wearing a white kurta-pyjama. The public had seen her video and had congratulated her for her wedding. Was displayed on the video that she was walking down the staircase in her wedding gown and him down with her husband, celebrating and cutting cakes and thanking the public which included her fans.

Sana Khan had also written in her action of the video that this was her happiest moment while leaving the show business. She had also mentioned a few other things which included press shop for side and her family as she further writes stated the public as her brothers and sisters that now she has reached the most crucial part of her life and that she was in film making for many years. She received all kinds of fame and honor for so many years.

She is very grateful to all her fans and other public who have been following and supporting her.
Her exact words of stating were, “ Brothers and sisters I have reached the most important age of my life and I have been in filmmaking for many years. in many days I have received all kinds of fame, honor, and wealth. I got it all from my fans for which I am grateful to them”. She further continues by stating various other things which included what she had said before leaving the film industry, which had included serving humanity and did her best by following the orders. Her exact words were,” today I declare that from today I will leave the film industry to serve humanity and do my best to follow the orders of my producer”.