You can Watch the Moana and Tiana Series on Disney Plus

It was announced at the company investor’s day that two popular shows are among the several. It was evidently stated that the lead characters of Moanna and The Princess and the frog would be heading towards Disney Plus as it is the long continuation of the TV series from Pixar.

It will be in 2023 that all these shows would be premiered. Disney also made an announcement about the projects among the lot others-inclusion of Baymax series a soulful character from Big Hero 6 and a sci-fi show set up in Lagos, situated in Nigeria, from Kugali that is an African Environment company, that was held on Thursday at its investor day.

Moana and Tiana will be featured in the original music as these two lead characters will carry on exploring their respective worlds of New Orlans and the South Pacific.

The first long term series of Pixar is termed as Win or Lose and appears from Carrie Hobson and Michael Yates, the Toy Story 4 story artists. The show is all set to be centered on a co -ed middle school softball team one week before the start of the championship game, where every episode would be told from the perception of every different member of the team.

There were few more announcements that were made on Thursday, the 10th of December:

  • Firstly starting with a sequel series to Big Hero 6 with a character named Baymax that chases the Robot as he cuts across San Fransokyo seeking for people who is in need of some medical and general care. It would be debuting from the following year. Fans would be at the edge of the seat to look out for Baymax. Although the character is quite sweet, fans are hoping to see the series devoid of any monotony and also something that would add color to the show, inducing the audience to reignite the spectators to increase their neurotransmitter levels.
  • Iwaju is an association between Kugali and also a comics company discovered to deliver inspirational stories of the African Culture and the animation of Disney. This series has been reserved to be shown on the premiers in the year 2022
  • Zootopia Plus is a short term series, where different corners and characters would be explored from two worlds of the movie. This film would be premiered in the year 2022.
  • Pixar short-form displays Dug Days, where a dog would be featured from the movie Up, which would be premier in the following year and followed by that would be Cars Series with Lightning McQueen and Mater road sliding over the country. Well the fans have to wait on this one till 2022.