AmongUs: The Highest downloaded mobile game in the world

‘AmongUs’ from inner sloth happened to be the most downloaded mobile game all over the globe in November 2020, as per the reports of the sensor tower.

The game touched 53.2 Million installs, which signifies a 50-time increase from the report of November in the previous year.

The maximum number of installs for the game that came up to 15.8% came from the United States of America, followed by Brazil estimating to an approximate of 9% of the installs.

The online multiplayer game has picked up massive popularity in this year. The game creators announced the introduction of the new features and updates planned for the game.

Approaching addition to the Game

A new map will be added by the InnerSLoth, to this famous multiplayer game termed as “ The Artship” in the start of the new year 2021, by the addition of new tasks and a wide range of other features. There was also an announcement made by the developers with regards to a new ‘ Accounts’ feature as part of the impending updates.

The game was also rewarded as the Best Multiplayer game award at the Game Award held lately. Followed by this was the second most downloaded game across the world, Shortcut Run for Vodoo with an installation number going up to 35.2 million. The United States of America measured as the highest number of installs for this game at the rate of 15.4%, where India follows up at 14.5%.

The top 5 most famous and frequently played games also included Join Clash 3D from Supersonic, Subway Surfers from SYBO Games and Garena Free Fire from Garena Games.

November’s most highly grossing games

One of November’s breakout worldly launches was Project Makeover from the Bubblegum Games. The name came up to rank 3 for a worldwide app store downloads, achieving more than 5 million downloads and also incurring $4.5 million from player spending on the platform the previous month. While there is massive competition with the puzzle space, the launch displays that there persists to be room for new names in the category to seek success, according to Sensor Tower, who said in a statement to a Blog post.

With regards to revenue, Honor of Kings from Tencent turned out to be the highest-grossing mobile game in the previous month, estimating to about $230.5 million in users spending. Followed by this was PUBG mobile, that was another Tencent game grossing up to $173.8 million in revenue.

Among the top five highest-grossing games was also an inclusion of Genshin Impact from miHoYo, followed by this was Coin Master from Moon Active and number five was Pokemon Go from Niantic.

AmongUS also managed to find its way out in Apple, where the company announced the most downloaded and popular apps ever downloaded in which two names stood out, one was not a game but a necessary tool for to interact in covid times, a chat tool named Zoom and the popular game what everyone is talking about, AmongUS, that was the top free app and game downloaded on both iPhone and IPad.