Animated Film displays a one minute show on the power of Fatherhood

To depict the importance of a father in our lives, the term “Father” has depth in the meaning of the word. 

Everyone gets to see the power of Fatherhood upon seeing or experiencing it. Although, Father doesn’t get too much credit as much as mothers, as children are more inclined towards their mothers from the moment they are born. People talk of the power of mothers or epitomizing motherhood, amidst which topic of fatherhood has become underrated. Even though we don’t realize it, but fathers are very necessary. We only realize once they are gone, and that realization is coupled with a heavy price, both socially and personally. 

This one minute award-winning animated Iranian short film, Father, who’s written and directed by Mohammad Reza Kheramandan, reminds us of how important fathers are and also the definition of fatherhood.

Kheradmandan stated that the Animation Idea for the short film took birth when his mother was undergoing cancer and his father was under excess stress and pressure. He further adds about the situation of his father and the family and how he sacrificed to save the family by fighting the obstacles that were caused by Cancer. This situation induces him to display the crucial role of a Father who performed to take care of his family.

Barr pictures Media who distributed the film Father has won several awards, in addition to Best Animation Short at the 9th International Film Festival 100, Best Idea for Animation short at the International Film Festival, and the 30th International Short Film Festival.

The short has touched people from all over the Globe. Kheradmandan also said that he received a message from a woman from Sweden where she told him that she had no connection with her father in Iran for 3 years. This short film led her to break into tears and inspired her to call her father. They spoke and forgave each other. Towards the end she thanked Kheradmandan.

Film and animation are very rewarding when it gives a message and can bring back people together around a powerful and a universal problem, a case which Kheradmandan just discovered while making the animation film. According to this Iranian Filmmaker, the concept of fatherhood is very similar across the world. After having published this animation, he realized that stories like these can inspire people and reunite people regardless of their age, caste, sex, religion, and ethnicity. Everyone has a father and it is with this idea that it can be identified. He felt quite proud of the positive reply poured out from the people who were impacted by this story.

Fathers come from various sources. Before being a father, he is first an individual who wants to run his errands and live a life. But the moment he becomes a father, people approach this role differently. Even though the process or the style of Fatherhood may differ from Individual to Individual, but a true father is the one who holds the foundation of the House, without taking much credit, and is desperate to see the smile in the faces of their children. A father is also someone who secretly has the family‘s back at the time of sorrow and gives it his all to see his family through.