Are people of NSW supposed to wear masks ahead of Christmas?

A general practitioner from Melbourne, Dr. Preeya Alexander shared a very firm warning on social media after the outbreak in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. The residents of Northern Beaches were set up in a way that their Christmas would be restricted than the rest of the city, along with the announcement of the rules made by the premier of New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian at 11 am

In Australia, it has been mandatory not to wear face masks, including New South Wales, Dr. Preeya who is the mother of two said that it is still important to wear masks due to the continuous risks of transmission in the community. Face masks are not only for your protection but also for people around you. The respiratory droplets potentially have contagious particles like Coronavirus. When one cough, shout, sneeze, or sing to you, then the person is putting a risk on you by exposing them to droplets in your respiratory system.

Dr. Alexander is also known as the Wholesome Doctor on Instagram, gave an explanation of how face masks can be effective in blocking respiratory droplets and prevents them from traveling to other people. When everyone puts on a face mask, there is an assumption that anyone could have covid with minimal or no symptoms at all and thus could deem to be contagious. If everyone outs on, then the respiratory droplets are blocked, in case if there is any chance of it being contagious and thereby it’s a victory for everyone, as mentioned by Dr. Alexander.

Dr.Alexander made a note that the proof made by multiple studies shows that putting on face masks can be effective in cutting down the risk of spreading the Coronavirus. Face masks can protect the wearer. When one wears a face mask then he or she is exposed to a lower dose of coronavirus than if one does not wear one. The total amount of virus one gets exposed to can create an impact on the severity of the disease. The Doctor also simplifies things by saying that getting exposed to a big dose of the virus could also mark a more severe disease. While if you are exposed to a lower dose of the virus, when you wear a face mask that allows you to consume less viral particles, that means tender disease as the immunity system is not as overwhelmed.

Dr. Preeya Alexander also added that face masks are safe and useful to wear and do not cause the levels of oxygen to drop. The respiratory droplets of a larger size stay inside the masks and also away from others, but the microparticles in the form of carbon dioxide and oxygen can make an easy escape and cross the mask barrier, as mentioned by Dr. Alexander. Dr.Alexander has urged Australians to take precautions, which starts with wearing a face mask, followed by maintaining social distancing with people and wash hands regularly.

As per the World Health Organisation ( WHO), the masks should be utilized as a segment of the comprehensive strategy of measures to reduce transmission and save lives.