Review of the first episode of the fourth season: Attack on Titan, “The other side of the Sea”

After some painful long waits in between the seasons, the fourth and final season is ready to set off with a whole change in the creativity behind the scenes and it’s been seven years in the making process. Both Funimation and Crunchyroll crashed under the sheer barrage of attention as a result of the feverish excitement of the fans after the long wait.

A labyrinth tale of an all-consuming war has been built up by the Attack on Titan in the 59 episodes. From the insurmountable forces of the grotesque Titans, the humans are trying their best to survive. Season three revealed a lot of unexpected things and left the audience slack-jawed. The origin of the Titans was revealed and across the near-mythic oceans, the advancements in the world of technology took a turn. Hope of the horizon was seen by Eren Yeager and his scrappy team but the fact that the optimism was crushed in the end by showing images of the brutal wars ended the season on a bitter-sweet note and left the audience partly happy.

The other side of the war was shown in the premiere episode which has ruptured the show from the very beginning in “The other side of the Sea”. Near Fort Salva, the audience is introduced to a young Eldian soldier, Falco who was seen fighting. The fact that they are nearing the climax of a four-year old battle is revealed by a fellow soldier to Falco after he’s dazed off from the gunfire. The war is over if the Mid-east allies sink in their own port if the Marley forces. Inherent corruption and generational conflicts are unlikely to get fully concluded as the Attack on Titan has covered almost 60 episodes by now. The audience’s heightened expectations has always been bucked by the Attack on Titans. Aside from the delightful opening, the audience won’t much see most of the favorite characters including Eren. The audience is asked to watch the achingly young soldiers and arrogant generals who make up the “enemy”. Titan has consistently portrayed war as a losing game even after the show being hugely criticized for portraying real life war images for its own use. For not having faith in the almighty powers, the baby-faced soldiers of the Marley fleet chastise one another. The almighty powers have been indoctrinated into the soldiers during the time of their birth. Trenches and blood in the dirt make up the landscapes of the battlefield which are nothing but desolate. The kids are fighting for death who look shell shocked beyond their fragile years and look weary too.

For a deadly prize, they are fighting. The power of the armored Titan will be given to Falco and his comrades who are fellow Eldans, Gabi, Udo and Zofia. For the dubious honor they are battling apart from fighting for the ultimate prize. It is been a major shift for the show and the quartet of new faces might not be familiar to the audiences and further additions have been made apart form the core cast which already was quite vast. No doubt the audience was made to care for the new cast in a jiffy. Creating deftly layered characters have always been the plus point of the Titans. The frequent bloodshed is made more tragic as a result of the character layering.

As a natural heir to the Armored Titan, Gabi sees herself which made her blow up the enemy train entirely with the help of her brash resoluteness. The Titan forces were unleashed by the Marley forces more openly.