Australians rise over lockdown crisis to boost the tourism sector

Silverton: With International visitors over 9.3 million spendings near 34 Billion Dollars in Australia the previous year, the executive director of Tourism Australia Bon East gave his prediction of a rosy picture for the Tourism sector of the country in its annual report for 2018-2019 that was published at the start of this year. He said that the sector has witnessed exceptional achievements in the last year and numerous tourism operators are making a standard living from a strong and sustainable industry.

Even prior to the proper distribution of the rosy report, the tourism sector went downhill, when Australia turned out to be the first country in the world to seal their borders in January 2020, which was before the international visitor’s arrival’s peak at the time of the lunar new year holidays in Asia.

In Australia, tourism is the largest export service and the travel industry itself is a massive business with millions of Australians obtaining overseas holidays every year. When stringent border closures and domestic lockdown cane to the fore, tourist arrivals from Asia, North America, and Europe came to a stop, with the aviation industry being balanced and sensible, and moreover many travel agents are letting go of the employees and closing shop. For a few years, tourism will suffer a deadly blow.

Nonetheless, in the short term locking the population of Australia inside its borders has given a lifeline to the tourism sector of Australia.

Earlier in December, using a seldomly used Biosecurity emergency law, Australia to increase the ban until March 17 of 2021 on citizens going abroad on holidays. Under this nan, the citizens, as well as the permanent residents of Australia, are not bound to leave Australia unless they receive an exception from the Department of Home affairs.

This is only provided for official travel, fundamental business travel or professionals indulged in covid -19 aid and other programs. So far, Australia has avoided approaches from countries like Fiji, New Zealand, Singapore to make a travel bubble, but all internal state borders that closed to block the flow of the second wave of covid-19 has currently opened.

In a media release on December 4, Australia’s Trade, Tourism and Investments Minister Simon Birmingham urged Australians to “gift a holiday” to the domestic tourism sector this Christmas. He asked Australians to help fill the void until international borders re-open and overseas visitors could come. “By visiting a tourist attraction or an experience you will be supporting tourism jobs and also the thousands of tourism businesses across Australia that have done it so incredibly tough this year,” he said.

On December 4, in a media release, Australia’s tourism, trade, and investment minister Simon Birmingham desired Australians to gift a holiday to the domestic tourism sector this Christmas. He asked Australians to assist in filling the void till the reopening of the international borders and thereby the overseas visitors can come. By the visit of a tourist attraction or even if you experience it, you could also support tourism jobs and also thousands of tourism businesses through Australia that have done quite well despite the tough period.