Best 10 Apps and Games for Android

best android apps

The world is now right in your palms. This is possible only because of smartphones with the smartest and advanced technologies. What makes them even better is the innovative apps and games. Here are android apps and games to look out for –

  1. WPS Office

This is an Office Suite available on the PlayStore for free. This is easy to use app is user-friendly and compatible with Powerpoint, Ms Word and Excel, spreadsheets, presentation, and more. You can also use this in a multi-window mode.

  1. Call of Duty: Mobile

This game does not require any introduction, it is a popular game with huge popularity. You can play this game in PvP and FPS online mode. It is an excellent game that offers you multiple things to do. 

  1. Send Anywhere

This is an android app that nullifies the necessity of carrying a USB drive or cable to send a file. As long as both the device is in the same network, you can send absolutely anything to any other device.

  1. Genshin Impact

This is an action RPG game with excellent visuals and ease of playing it. This game operates as a party game and you can call upon new characters. This is a game with cutting edge visuals and gameplay mechanics. 

  1. PicsArt

If you love clicking and posting photos, you need to have this editing app. You can edit, crop, draw, collage, add frames, tilt-shift, clone tool, and a lot more. This is available for free in the Google Playstore but includes some in-app purchases.

  1. Minecraft

Even though this game is not available for free, it is extremely popular for gamers of all ages. In a certain mode, you have to mine your sources to survive. There are in-app purchases that enhance the game.

  1. Feedly

With this amazing app, you get access to multiple blogs, online magazines, Youtube Channels, newsfeeds, and much more. It is integrated with various social media platforms which helps you to share any story with teammates.

  1. PubG

This game too does not call for any sort of introduction. In Players Unknown Battle Ground you are dropped in the ground with 100 players and you have to survive with your squad, with another or solo. This game is in the PlayStore for over four years and still hasn’t lost its charm.

  1. Tiny Scanner

If you need to scan your files then this is the app you need. This app can scan documents, PDFs, and any other file. You can alter the greyscale, adjust the page size, remove the page edge, and a lot more.

  1. Pokemon GO

This game which made its entry into the gaming world in 2016 is still people’s favorite. In this augmented reality game you have to catch Pokemons, it can be in Gyms or Pokestops. It is a record-breaking game played worldwide by people of different ages.

This list has been curated keeping in mind the need of users. These apps are powerhouses that carry ample potential in them.