Big Mouth Season 4 is back on Netflix and makes up for the queer missteps of the past

Mark Levin, Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, and Jennifer Flackett created Big Mouth which instantly became a hit after debuting on Netflix. The animated series was followed minutely by the viewers and they could be related to themselves big time. The series focused on teens experiencing puberty and their “hormone monsters” helped them in the procedure. Hormone monsters is a puberty guidebook which is a lewd version and anthropomorphized.

For queer viewers, this is especially true. The queer childhood that Charles Dunst wished he had is reflected in Netflix’s Big Mouth as told to The New York Times. Big Mouth has been called the queer must binge by NewNowNext. The impact of the queer characters has been hailed b Esquire similarly.

LGBTQ storyline has been adopted and embraced by Big Mouth from the beginning. Andrew from the third episode titled Am I Gay is seen questioning his sexual orientation and Big Mouth has made an effort to praise and honour the queer experience at the full scope. Missy (Jenny Slate) and Jay (Jason Mantzoukas) engage themselves in discussing bisexuality frankly in the third season. Mathew realized that he has a real crush on Aiden (Zachary Quinto) who plays another gay boy and in the same episode, he is seen out at school but not his family. Further, “For he’s jolly gay homo” is being sung by Mathew’s hormone monster Maurice played by Nick Kroll who cheers and sings while uttering the words. The show’s ability to punch up instead of punching down wouldn’t have \been possible without the viewers’ trust on such a moment portrayal. Big Mouth was successful in adding nuance to the characterization of queer teenagers for almost three and a half seasons. The teenagers are helped to recognize their traits and respect them as they are.

Ali says “bisexuality is so binary” according to others and she is a new cast who is pansexual and is believed to be into girls, boys and all in between. Big Mouth lost fame and credibility with the ascension of the statement and raged the bisexual viewers who were otherwise loving the show. Goldberg who is a co-creator tweeted and apology, it was called “long, dated and biphobic” by The Mary Sue and The Advocate called it a “stumble”. The co-creator in the apology said that in the future seasons, the matter will be looked deep into and the episode missed the mark.

In season four, the commitment was looked forward to and greatly expected. The teens were heading to summer camp at the beginning of the season. The viewers meet Natalia (Josie Totah), the trans teen girl along with Mathew in his first relationship and Jay coming out as bisexual officially. Natalie is upset because other campers deadnamed her multiple times and she got disappointed when she was questioned on her “decision” to be transgender. The transphobic arguments are shut down after being purposefully moved to the limelight. The transgender women have been called out and harmed as the show calls itself. The audience sees a flashback from Natalie’s perspective as a hormone monster is handed over to her which is Gavin (Bobby Cannavale). Natalie is hurt by the gendered expectations as seen in Gavin. She tells Gavin that she hates him for making the changes in her body.

Jessi is given to Natalie as a supportive friend and Big Mouth recognizes and respects Natalie’s identity. Just like the other campers, she is offered fun moments and plenty of positivity. With the return of season four, Big Mouth has proven why is it the most popular queer series.