Boman Irani to finally step out of Mumbai ever since lockdown and reveals his Birthday Plans

 From his roller-coaster journey of playing flamboyant roles as Dr. JC Asthana in Munna Bhai MBBS to the more satirical character of Viru Sahastrabuddhe or Virus in 3 Idiots, Boman Irani is considered to be the among the actors who has demonstrated his versatility and has never failed to amaze the audience with his on-screen conversion.

Turning a year old, ET times got in touch with this magnanimous actor to get an insight about his 2020 Birthday plans, to which he answered that every year he and his family travel out of the city and travel to another town with a group of at least 20 to 25 people.

This year has been tough on him and his family and decided not to take any chances with his family, even if it means driving to the nearest location like Pune. He further says that he has three sisters who stay in Pune distancing each other by 25 meters, but it’s just a family thing according to him, otherwise, he was planning to go big at this.

Talking about his birthday going special, Boman Irani further adds that this birthday is very special to him as he will be stepping out of the city for the first time since the lockdown, and his wife has not crossed the distance of 20 meters from the building. It will be a great chance to head to Pune and seems quite excited about the trip.

He along with his family is very fortunate to have traveled to three different places continuously, starting with Dubai, Surat, and then Goa after which the family returned to Mumbai followed by the implementation of Lockdown by the middle of March.

Talking about his Birthday Tradition, he also added that in the Parsi Community, the food department there are a plethora of items that includes Sevai( Vermicelli) and Dahi( Yogurt) that are considered to be very auspicious.

It is a small thing, but his wife does make a huge deal out of it and be peculiar with every item being present and should be consumed by everyone, whereas Boman just wants a simple breakfast, to which she responds that Sevai and Dahi must also be consumed along with his daily breakfast.

Once on his trip to Dubai for his birthday, the Hotel somewhat figured out it was his birthday and decided to serve a cart full of Dahi and Sevai to his room to which his wife was delighted to see.