Britain becomes the first in the world to approve Pfizer coronavirus vaccine (Health and Science)

A dose of the Covid-19 vaccination from BioNTech and Pfizer in Mainz, Germany.

The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is ready to be used in Britain and it is the first nation to adopt the vaccine. The announcement happened on Wednesday and the Government of Britain conveyed that the vaccine shot will be distributed among all across the country towards the beginning of next week.

The recommendation has been accepted from the Medicines and Health care Products Regulatory Agency, an independent body, by the Department of Health and Social care as stated by one of their spokespersons. For the use of the vaccine and for it to be in form, the recommendation was important.

Guidance will be provided in the coming days on the vaccine’s usage and how and when it will be used to which stage patients. First and foremost the vaccine will be applied on clinically vulnerable, the elderly people, health and care officials and staff and care home residents. After the application of the vaccine on these categories of people or priority groups, it will be distributed across Britain.

As reported by the Financial Times and the Guardian, during the week of December 7th, the hospitals in England will be provided with the first doses of the Pfizer shot which later can be taken forward if it receives the OK.

The rollout will be ready to be handled by the National Health Service surely as stated by Matt Hancock, Health Secretary to Sky news about the adoption of the vaccine. As soon as the National Health Service will get used to the new adoption, the vaccine will be ready to be received in 800,000 doses and people will start receiving shots from then on, as told by Matt to the BBC.

40 million doses of the vaccine have been ordered by Britain. BioNTech’s chief business officer told BBC that Britain will receive 5 million doses which can go up a little higher where the initial estimation was around 10 million doses by the end of 2020. A public meeting will be held by the scientific advisors of the US Food and Drug Administration on 10th December for reviewing the emergency use of the vaccine as requested by Pfizer. A decision will follow after the review process.

Health Canada will be following the footsteps of FDA regarding reviewing of the vaccine if the green light is received from FDA’s ends.

Canada will receive the first 4 million doses of the vaccine between January and March next year. It has an open option to buy 20 million doses from Pfizer and later buying 56 million is also possible.

After the US, Britain and Japan, Canada is the fourth country to finalize their deal with Pfizer as stated by Anita Anand, Procurement Minister.

Countries all around the globe were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the vaccine to fight the deadly virus which has infected 62 million and more and has already killed 1.5 million people worldwide. In order to develop a safe and effective vaccine, researchers and pharmaceutical companies have tried their heart and soul and accomplished their goal which usually would have taken years.

Pfizer had an efficacy rate over 90 percent which is able to beat most of the major developers after the results of its late-stage clinical trials were published. Before the final testing, the vaccine remains experimental and the dose will be applied twice a month.

As stated by CEO Albert Bourla, the effort of the MHRA is acknowledged to showcase their ability to conduct a careful assessment to take action against the British. It has been believed throughout that science will win no matter what.