British Actors blocked from playing the role of Prince William, courtesy to the rules of Brexit

British actors will be blocked by playing the role of Prince William in a forthcoming biopic based on Diana, his mother, Princess of Wales that owes to an advanced set of restrictions brought in a post the country has officially separated from the European Union in January. The latest casting notice for the film that will see the role of Princess Diana played by Kristen Stewart, who was shared on Twitter and stated that the ones holding a British- European passport cannot be permitted to audition, as reported by the guardian.

So yes even if you are half Britain and half European, the note has warned a NOT against the people carrying European British Passport, but only for the ones carrying only a British Passport, due to the implementation of the new Brexit rules that will come into effect from January 1st, 2021. The filmmakers were seeking for young boys aged between 9 and 12 to play the role of an 11-year-old Prince William.

But handling questions from numerous, gave concerns to British actors. In the comment section under her tweet, the casting director of the film Amy Hubbard explained that it is normal for films to provide reservation to the key roles for actors who have split the citizenship with the financiers. She also added that it is on films that are quite common for the passport of important characters which needs to be matched with the financiers. The Guardian also mentions that to fulfill some quotas, productions are required, one of which can have an inclusion of nationality, to qualify for grants, breaks on tax, and to meet the qualification criteria for a few awards and film festivals.

 “ Spencer” that is the upcoming biopic is directed by Pablo Larrain and the shot will take place in Germany for one-fourth of the next year. The biopic was originally written by the creator of “Peaky Blinders” Steven Knight. The setting of the film is not done in Europe, but at Sandringham for only three days during the Christmas period in the early 90s when Diana realized that her marriage was over.

Larrain speaks of the biopic as an anti fairy tale mentioning that when someone makes a decision to not be the queen and says that she would rather be herself, could pose as a big decision or more of a fairy tale that has been upside down. Larrain further adds that she has been shocked by that and thought to him with regards to the difficulty involved in doing this, which lays as the heart of the movie.

Stewart says that it is the most melancholy story to exist while reviewing her preparations for the role and says that she not only wants to play Diana but is curious to know her completely. The actor added that she was finding it hard to master the accent exclaiming as, “Intimidating as all hell”. Naomi Watts previously played the Princess of Wales, while Emma Corrin is presently picking accolades for portraying in the Netflix series, “The Crown”.