Citizens need to take initiative to turn India into a sporting nation

नई दिल्ली: अखिल भारतीय फुटबॉल महासंघ के अध्यक्ष प्रफुल्ल पटेल ने प्रधान मंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी,

New Delhi: All India Football Federation president Praful Patel praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Indian Government, and Kiren Rijiju, the minister of Youth Affairs and Sports for putting emphasis on sports that have helped the country to see a measurable jump in the overall Indian sports. Of late, we have witnessed a major alternation in the approach from the ministry of youth affairs and sports.

With the Prime Minister being a devoted sports enthusiast, he has put a lot of emphasis on sports. Apart from that, the lack of enthusiasm towards Sports was massively rectified by Rijiju. Indian Sports have witnessed a measurable jump in recent years, as stated by Praful Patel during the AFC Asian Cup bid announcement program being held in New Delhi.

Rijiju who was present on the occasion featured the significance given by the government towards sports and assured the apex body to provide support for the bid from every aspect.

Rijiju said that Prime Minister Modi has inclined his affection towards Sports and also is a Frontier of the khelo India initiative which has been a massive success throughout the country. Teenager AFC Asian Cup is considered to be the most prestigious tournament and is well thought of the decision. Rijiju further assured the government I will give full support for this program.

Rijiju has always been supportive of such initiatives and it is going to be a defining moment for India and they could be an appropriate candidate to host the AFC Asian Cup that could turn out to be crucial. This is why Rijiju has personally decided to extend his full support of the government and it will thereby give the nation the full confidence that the government is backing the bid. In addition to this, he also mentioned that it’s not only the government but also citizens who are bound to take responsibilities that will help make India a truly sporting nation.

Citizens constitute a big role in the success of the event and India is no different, the minister affirmed. He even referred to the Under 17 Fifa world cup in India when people ceased to the stadium of New Delhi, Guwahati, Goa, Navi Mumbai, Kolkata, and Kochi. He has stated that if India would like to emerge as a sporting nation, football has to play a major role in it. Football is the most popular sport around the world and Rijiju also promises that being a sports minister, his target is to energize the nation.

But one also needs to get an understanding that the government has its own limitations and the citizens have to be involved. With the help of their participation, the minister guarantees a sure success. There have been people filling up stadiums during the U-17 World cup in 2017. If the athletes are not given recognition and space, they cannot be a superstar.

Apart from India, the heavyweights of Asia with likes of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Iran have submitted their bids for hosting the prestigious competition ahead to get hold of the hosting rights