Crucial battles of fight against COVID-19 is held by decades of a battle against AIDS

Coronavirus like HIV AIDS needs the collaborative working of people and officials from all parts of society to win the battle against these deadly diseases. World AIDS of 2020 finds the world still in an extremely dire situation while combating the pandemic.  Economies and resources of the governments of all the nations have been wasted as preventive measures and safety protocols are being implemented every now and then to contain the spread. 

The HIV/AIDS pandemic arose in 1990 when people faced the same threat and after all these coronaviruses are giving out similar experiences.  Considering the threats, UNAIDS has chosen the theme “Global Solidarity, Shared Responsibility for this year’s WAD. In the last 40 years, almost 32.7 million people died of AIDS, and surpassing that around 1.4 million had already died from COVID in a year. 

The response of HIV/AIDS had a longer course than that of COVID-19. The impact of HIV/AIDS can be a good example of achieving the best with all countries and people working together.  The rapid sharing of information between healthcare communities and providers can be coordinated with the help of WHO, the International AIDS Society, and UNAIDS. The deaths caused by AIDS have remarkably decreased by 39% since 2010. Resources have been organized by PEPFAR and Global Fund which have helped them to cut down morbidity and mortality rates in lower belt areas. In comparison to the previous hike in the cost of HIV medicines in 2002, South Africa has come a long way and reduced the cost to some rands now. 

Medications and treatments have been developed and advanced in every part and collaboration and together helped in providing training opportunities for standardizing the quality and ensuring healthcare provision.  Areas that are still facing difficulty in combating diseases are not getting enough political support that included the implementation of an evidence-based protective system for the vulnerable population. 

The lessons from HIV needs to be adopted by the world to proceed with COVID eradication accordingly. As a result of years of detailed study regarding HIV/AIDS, the management of vaccine trials of COVID is coming to form in several nations. The clinical staff and the ability to conduct trials are set up keeping HIV research as reference.  COVID hit nations are now seeing Global Solidarity which was championed by AIDS response. WHO has established Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator distribute vaccines equally among citizens as well as treatments and diagnostic tests. 

Developing HIV/AIDS vaccine during the crisis period was challenging and posed disappointment but the advancement of the COVID vaccine can be brought to light soon with collaborative works. Organizations are working towards a positive outcome which can be followed similarly by TB and HIV vaccine.  COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS are not only the pandemics that will be faced by the world, in fact, but new pandemics will also increase according to strong predictions. The global community is expected to stay focused and committed to providing support to the extraordinary preventive and treatment options that are available to get rid of the destructive diseases. 

It is on the less vulnerable section to share responsibility with the vulnerable and respond to calls if any pandemic emerges or to better deal with the current global pandemic. HIV pandemic has taught the most important lesson that disease will never discriminate. People across borders irrespective of caste, creed, and religion are likely to get affected. If the people are willing to consider anything else, at least this reason should be looked into to start working as a unit on a global scale. The safety of people can’t be ensured if an individual is not safe.