Discounts on offer for leisure by ITC Hotels

Currently even though there are offers in a good amount at Metro hotels, many recreational destinations like Jaipur, Hrishikesh and Goa are all booked for the upcoming holiday season. According to research, 70% of the Indian Travellers would be price conscious upon a holiday planning. Hotels are currently offering discounted rates for spa treatment ,a complementary salon and also a striking gastronomical delights and anything else that could induce customers to book.

According to study done by, it was discovered that 64% of the ones who were surveyed were in the look out for discount tariffs, special promotions and alluring packages .

The resultant has led large luxury chain hotels were quite hard facilitating the process and contributing to the travellers and are prepared to do whatever it may take to compensate for the losses they have faced during the current pandemic.

At the start of this month, there was a lunch from ITC of a 100 percent back offer where guests can receive full amount as credits if the hotel which coule be replenished for in Hotel services like Food and Beverages and also some spa treatments.

The offer happens to be available across over 15 ITC hotels and Welcom Hotels covering 10 destinations will last tilll 31st March, 2021.According to the COO of ITX, Anil Chadha, the special scheme will cater to the grouwiny sentiment around ‘getting away’ that lockdown and captivity have been created.

Chadha further added that many people are looking for safer ways to restore appearance of normal life. Acitivities that were pushed up due to the pandemic, have now been reappeared.

The ones who check into any of the Indian Hotel company brands like Taj, Vivanta or Ginger can experience a pleasurable upgradation of the next cateory, along with a complimentary breakfast, one meal, a daily hotel credit, and availing of spa and salon services at 20 percent discount.

The country manager of, Ritu Malhotra also said in a statement that the given future travel trands, there are some domestic offers being promoted by her company with a discount allowances on accomodation bookings as well as last minute and early booker deals to give the best possible value to the guests

Just for confirmation, most offers are restricted to only city hotels heavily relied on the business segments which still needs to witness a revival. As per the flow of a particular day and the property location, the rates could go down to as low as Rs 4700 per night.

On the other hand Oberi Hotels and Resorts can get a second night at half price at its Hotels situated in Bengaluru, Mumbai, New Delhi, Gurgaon and Kolkata. At the property situated in Kolkata, the customers can go ahead and book a one night deluxe room at a discount to a marked price of Rs.4875 which was brought down from Rs.6500 and the second night could be charged for half of the discount price of the first.

Before the Pandemic, the Business Hotels were the top notch performers, who are currently going through the worst possible condition with the restrictions in the business travels as added by the CEO of Noesis Capital, Nandivardhan Jain.