Hoteliers thrilled and excited as tourists begin to pile in heeps in Manali

The Kullu Manali Hoteliers were very much delighted with the surge of the room occupancy up to 80 percent of Christmas. To celebrate the festivities of Christmas and New Year, a large group of men and women thronged Manali.

There was a complain about the lack of business from the Hoteliers by witnessing a sharp decline in the tourist arrivals in Kulu- Manali, since the time the Covid-19 outbreak spread from the month of March.The influx of the tourists increased as soon as the Atal tunnel for the Manali-leh national highway opened. Seems like every tourists got a good pathway to get to Manali as quickly as they can.

At one point in time, the Hotels of Kullu- Manali were at an occupancy rate of a mere 30 percent. There were so many Hotel bookings cancelled by tourists at a larger number post the night curfew came to the introduction by the State government of the Kullu District. The Hoteliers were worried that the business would not turn up during Christmas.

A Hotelier in the town of Manali, Budhi Prakash Thakur said that he was delighted that now the room occupancy came to 100 percent and he is also forecasting good or rather a better business on New Year. Since March, the Covid-19 had effected the Tourism industry and he demands that the State Government should lift the night curfew completely. Instead of the curfew, the night hours of police patrolling should be intensified to check on offenders for any sort of Mass gatherings.

The president of Hoteliers association of Kullu Manali, Anup Thakur told to the tribune that the flow of tourists for Christmas has been beyond expectations here in the Kullu-Manali currently. The room occupancy at an average has gone up to 80 percent in Kullu Manali in many hotels it has gone upto 100 percent.

In order to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 infection, the Kullu-Manali Hoteliers have made a decision to cut down or rather avoid mass gathering at a single place and asked the visitors that the directions were to be followed stringently as formed by the government.

He also added some details with the amount of Snow experienced in Solang Valley and Sissy, that is not far away from the Atal tunnel and its path is towards the Lahaul Valley, where the tourists can have a wonderful time.

On the other hand, there were some arrivals of tourists in Manali, for the celebration of Christmas and were a little bit dissapointing.The expectation of a White Christmas did not happen in that accordance. The couple who were traveling from Delhi, Manish Singh and his wife mentioned that they were hoping for a White Christmas during the Christmas day, but too anxious to experience a dry weather.

Manali is hoping to see heaps of Crowd during New Year, but yet fears a stringent action taken by the Government which could hamper the celebrations and effects the Hotels to some extent. People might have to avoid mass gatherings and have a distanced vacation.