How has the meme market come to the rise in India

Do u feel frustrated at certain events, but still want to pick out humour in the most funny way possible and share to the public?

Then yes making a meme page could be a hobby that could also make you popular n some ways.Whenever you feel lonely, or frustrated, in whatever you react and whatever comes to your mind, you can associate and put a metaphorical image or a video that could be best expressed with some comedy or reality, but yet eye catching.

With memes coming off as a universal language of the world, the digital ecosystem has inclined towards a accepting the consumption of memes across famous online mediums like faebook, twitter and Instagram. The simple way of creating an image or a small video to express one’s views or emotions has brought the world together, to create a mind-set alternation with a post consisting of 10 words that could tell you the story, coupled with sme humor, sarcasm, contempt and a little bit of fun that could just lit up people ‘s lives living in a fast pace world. May be thinking about the meme could give you a smile and sustain your energy.

The ones to quickly identify the memes’ power on social media have been consumer brands that have brought in a good marketing strategy by communicating in the millienials’ language. As memes rarely would want to promote a brand directly, but rather emphasize on a significant emotion, and the acceptance towards this kind of Marketing has been escalating.

The drive of a successful memes is created by viewers and there is no need of any clever Marketing device and it also has an elemental advantage. You can make any concept, character, brand or a product out of a successful meme in a matter of few hours. The best part about this is that based on the fact it is driven by a viewer, people identify with it. Just like any other marketing campaign, it has to be nurtured and developed over time.

As per the numbers estimated by Statista, in the year 2018, social media platforms have had over 326.1 million social media users and the number is expected to touch 448 million by the year 2023. It currently records the highest number of users in the globe through different platforms.

As of 2020, Indians are among the largest number of social users on platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Tik Tok. An average user can go about at an average of 3 hours per day on social media. While this itself is a large market, which is quite significant for marketers is the demographics. Between ages 17 and 24 is where you find most of the social media users. Thereby, it is concluded that meme marketing is a gold mine.

By this we can conclude by a partial explanation that why memes are considered to be a Powerful medium on social media. A big number of social media users gives communicators a massive audience. The poplarity of the memes can be measured by the meme app’s success, where users can make their own memes.

These apps gave witnessed the progressive growth of users in later times. What makes it quite fascinating in the Indian context is the depth and the drill of the market. The majority of the users access social Media through phones and right now in India where every Indian can have a much effort internet pack, you will find many users across different locations, and not just in cities. Internet in general apart from social media has been the far most potent means of touching across various sections of the consumers, the inclusion of rural and far-flung areas.