India CEO Sandeep Kataria is appointed to head the global business of Bata

India CEO of Bata Sandeep Kataria joined the company in the year 2017. He had ample experience as he had previously worked with Yum Brands, Unilever, and Vodafone in Europe and India.

Bata is a renowned footwear maker and is functioning for years. India CEO of Bata has been elevated to the position of Global CEO of all Bata Brands, by the company itself. At a meeting on Monday, the board of directors took the decision. On Monday, the stock exchanges were informed by Bata India in a filing. As stated by the company, he will be the first Indian CEO to govern Bata globally with the latest move. For almost five years Alexis Nasard has been functioning as the CEO of Bata globally. Kataria respectfully takes over Alexis’ position after he decides to step down.

According to reports, Kataria had been employed by Bata in 2017 with previous working experiences in Vodafone India and Europe, Unilever and Yum brands. The statements of the company reported that Kataria has been involved directly with powerhouse brands and leading businesses which expect extensive global reach and powerful customer following. He had worked towards making the brands achieve their goals in terms of sales and customer reach.

Sandeep Kataria, as the CEO of Bata India, has consistently helped drive the company’s profitability and growth gracefully, as stated by Bata India Ltd. The company has overcome many difficult situations and could maintain the profitability rate and hold their position in the market with the help of CEO Kataria. The profits of Bata India were doubled compelled by double-digit first-rate growth, under Kataria’s excellent leadership. With the help of CEO Sandeep, Bata conducted some the most excellent campaigns which included the catchy campaign ‘Surprisingly Bata’ that successfully refurbished the brand image of Bata. It came out as a contemporary and more vibrant brand attracting customers worldwide. The target was to attract young consumers mainly to enjoy the products.

Sandeep Kataria said in a response to his new appraisal that he is honoured that Bata has chosen him for the post. He adds that he is excited to take the journey with active cooperation from people associated with Bata all around the globe. He said in favour of Bata that it has been the most enviable brand as the quality is consistently maintained and the buys are quite affordable. Bata is a footwear brand functioning for almost 120 years now and Kataria said that he has been privileged to have given his all in Bata India’s success. He is also excited to build the brand further and conserve the history of 120-year old shoemakers. He said, in spite of facing challenges in 2020, the passion of the people and the appeal of the brands helped the company prosper.

As stated by the Chairman of Bata India, Ashwani Windlass in a congratulatory note to Kataria, the exceptional growth of Bata’s Indian team in the past few years is commendable. The footwear range and volumes, profits and revenues hugely enhanced the consumer measures in the competitive market of footwear. Sandeep’s experience has helped Bata India and The Bata Group to grow.

Bata functions around five continents in 5,800 Bata stores and produce locally in 22 Bata-owned production facilities. It was founded in 1894 and is a family run business which sells almost 180 million pairs of shoes every year. The company accommodates 35,000 employees and functions in more than 70 countries. Bata serves almost 120,000 customers every day in India and sells 50 million pairs of shoes annually.