India is playing with a lot of fear and lacks aggression, says Michael Vaughan

The Indian Team finally had a sigh of relief on Wednesday after having beaten Australia by 13 runs in the final ODI of the Dettol ODI series, held in Canberra. Although India is back on the winning ways, they are still lacking strength in the top order, which has been the main concern for men in blue. It was courtesy to Hardik Pandya and Jadeja’s 150 run partnership that propelled India to a competitive score of 302-5. 

The duo received all the praises for their extraordinary batting show, but on the other hand, the top order stretching to the middle order, except Virat Kohli, were struggling and were finding themselves at the receiving end. A futile start from the top order made them look afraid against the Aussies and also made the former English Captain Micheal Vaughan feel that India is carrying a very fearful mindset that is inducing them to play in this fashion. Such a thing would also create a barrier for them from playing aggressive cricket.

Vaughan further added that despite watching a splendid 150 run partnership between Hardik Pandya and Jadeja, he still felt at the back of his mind that it is due to the fearful fashion of playing cricket is what is getting India into a situation like this. 

The former English captain also added in a statement saying that India has got the skill and the calibre to go ahead and play aggressive Cricket. To do that, India just needs to have the freedom to play like that. According to him its just the freedom and the culture in the dressing room that allows them to play in an aggressive fashion and India has all the talent in their batsmen.

To play in the aggressive approach, India has all the time and the gifted talent they need. He also points out that the culture in the Indian dressing room is quite old school. While playing consistent cricket, one can easily sign, that they are a bit backward in winnings. Despite that, Vaughan still feels optimistic that there is enough talent in the dressing room, who can head out a little bit early and harder.

Agreeing to the opinion of Vaughan the former World cup inning pacer Zaheer Khan added to this statement, saying that the think tank of India needs to step up and fix the brand of Cricket that the Indian team would like to adopt., to play against a tenacious side Australia in their backyard. He kept emphasizing that it’s the Brand of Cricket, a team has to play and how can one structure their innings. There have to be discussions at the time when there is a need for forming skeletons. When you see this team, when no Rohit Sharma is involved, then there is a feeling that the winning formula is not too definite for any other individual who can take his spot and play his kind of role. There has to be a cognizant effort by the think tank and the Team management to obtain a settled and well-defined brand of cricket that the team should adopt before playing any match.

 The key players of the team in the likes of KL Rahul, Shreyas Iyer, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma have been captains of the IPL teams. If there are leaders like them in the team, along with skilful al rounders like Pandya and Jadeja, and a bowling specialist Bumrah, the team has all the resources they need. All they need to do is also to figure out how can one bring the best out of every team member and how can their skill be backed. 

As Eoin Morgan, the captain of the English team once said it’s all about backing your players to go out and perform if they have struggled on the field. India has been struggling on the Australian turf and has never got a convincing victory. Although they won the last ODI, the game was not one-sided, in comparison to when Australia inflicted a heavy victory over the visitor. India could only display their batting skill which was easily outclassed by Australia. Vaughan ad Zaheer Khan made a relevant statement about the culture and the Brand, but when you are smashed for runs or when things aren’t in your favor, one has to back their players and also be wise enough to turn games when you figure out what the opposition is trying to do, which India has been previously successful in many occasions and still has the caliber.