List of States posing restrictions on New Year Celebrations

Amidst the existing covid-19, came the rise of a new COVID strain that was discovered by the United Kingdom and many other countries that isolated the United Kingdom in the third week of December.

The New Year celebration would be very dim and gloomy this year on 31st. Though the situation surrounding covid-19 is looking up and there was a confirmation from the health ministry that the new strain has not been detected in India.

The Governments of every state are taking certain measures to avoid the gathering towards the New Year Celebration party. It was in January 2020, that the first case in India was detected, and from there on and 11 months later, the Covid-19 has taken uncertain turns where it’s epicenter was transferred from Kerala to Maharashtra and then finally Delhi.

The only thing that remained constant was the rise in the number of cases post the festivities.

Hence states are being too stringent and control over the movement of a rush enduring festivity like Christmas and New Year.
Here are the following states which are undergoing such procedures:


The State announced a night curfew that would last 7 hours across the state starting on December 22 and keeping it till 5th January 2021. As the New Celebration starts at the strike of 12 at Midnight, and there will be no such Pre or post-New Year celebration in Mumbai and Goa this year.

• On the eve of Christmas, the churches in Mumbai will not have any open air masses and the number of visitors will be restricted to a bare minimum that will also be monitored. The masses will be conducted by 8pm. Some churches have set the timings at 7pm and wrap up the Physically distanced holy mass atleast an hour before the curfew begins.

• Every mass can only have people not more than 200.

• The standard operating procedures for every restaurant in Mumbai will remain the same.

Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu has taken a slightly more strictness in terms of celebrations in public places like in restaurants, pubs, clubs, resorts, beaches and beach resorts where it would be banned accross Tamil Nadu on both December 31st and on January 1st,2021. Marina Beach that is quite a popular New Year party destination shall be out of bounds. However, the state does not have any curfews like Maharashtra. The restaurant, pubs,. Clubs and resorts shall be opened that will have normal flow of functions following the Covid -19 guidelines.

The planned mass gatherings were banned in Karnataka with no social distancing in pubs, clubs, restaurants, or similar places from 30th December to 2nd of January. The pubs, clubs, and restaurants cannot host any parties but will follow the norms of the COVID 19 guidelines and function normally. On Wednesday the night curfew shall begin at 10 pm and will end at 6 am till the 2nd of January.

The lines of restrictions were implemented during Diwali,and there is no difference in Christmas and in New year as the celebrations have been banned this year. People were asked to celebrate New year in their house with family and stay away from crowds and avoid bursting crackers. It is very important for one’s health and others. Rajasthan has become stringent with regards to following the directions that were issued by Supreme Goverment for all States.

The collective celebrations were banned in Dehradun by the district administration. Be it parties, bars, hotels, restaurants, and other public places for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, everything has come to a halt and the movement will be cut down.