New Delhi witnessed the coldest October in 58 years.

The national capital of India, New Delhi, witnessed the coldest October in 58 years according to the Indian meteorological department (IMD)  data analysis. Weeks before the usual onset of winter, Delhiites have been feeling the chills. Pleasant temperatures over Delhi this October were the gold recorded during the October month in 58 years. The average minimum temperature at Safdarjung in October was 17.2 degrees Celsius. Nearly two notches below average and the Lowest since 1962,  when the monthly mean was a minimum of 16 degrees Celsius. 

The light winter conditions had been giving Delhiite a feel of November month in advance,  days have been significantly warmer. Various experts stated that this reason could be because of the condition linked with the absence of cloud power during the month. Which made the weather a bit warm, but it quickly allowed the heat to dissipate at night. The low night temperatures could be a precursor to early winter as La Nina conditions that prevails in the Pacific Ocean, which covers a large portion of the globe. 

The fog present in Delhi at this point is not very dense. At very short distances but the visibility level Is deficient. Severe cold waves have been perpetuated for several days, and the maximum temperature has remained around 20 degrees Celsius or lower than that. Because of the long term condition, it has been considered the coldest October so far since 1997. These conditions are expected to get better only by December 31st or beyond; then, Delhiites will face the severe cold. From December 31st to January, light rain or hail storm is expected to come along, which may increase the temperature a bit. 

The cold  Wave and fog greeting North India have About various operations in the Delhi airport. Past ten years, Delhi night temperatures Have been below 6 degrees Celsius.  December has been the coldest in 14 years,  during 2014, 2011, and 2007, allowing Delhi to witness cold weather in December 2014, 2011, and 2007. The weather continued for five days at the most. In 2016 and 17, the Mercury didn’t drop below 6 degrees. 

Now 10 days, India’s national capital,  New Delhi, has been experiencing night temperatures that have lingered below 6 degrees Celsius as per the Indian meteorological department IMD, which has forecast about the cold weather waves condition continued for at least five more days.

The average temperature of Delhi usually records a minimum of 19.1 celsius in October. On Thursday as the temperatures were raised, Delhi was recorded as a minimum of 12.5 degrees Celsius, which is the lowest in October in 26 years.  On October 31st, 1994, according to the IMD data, the national capital has recorded a low temperature of 12.3 degrees Celsius. 

The head of the IMD’s,  Kuldeep Shrivastava, had announced that the absence of cloud cover could be the reason for the low temperatures in this October season. According to Shrivastava,  cloud outgoing infrared radiation and radiate it back downwards. This is why the winds to come that leads to humiliation of mist and thereby warming the ground. On October 31st, 1937, Delhi has recorded the lowest temperature of 9.4 degrees Celsius.