Northeast could be an ideal tourist destination as per some experts.

Post Covid-19, the North East part of India could be an ideal destination as per the experts of Assam Tourism Department whose director is Deba Kumar Mishra. His main emphasis is local tourism mainly from domestic tourists, well planned creative projects for establishing good tourism, would allure and appeal more people. North East India is likely to be an ideal tourist destination after the Covid-19, says few experts.

Being close to 5 countries, the uniqueness of the culture along with the traditions apart from the scenic view of the mountains and landscapes of lush green, Northeast India could be the apt tourist destination after Covid, that was said by the experts and administrators on the final day of North East Festival ( NEF).

The 8 edition of the NEF which lasted for two days came to a conclusion after the NE growth agenda setting as its priority with business men, experts and administrators who has expressed strong confidence on the travel and tourism industry ‘s come back at the point of the situation after the Covid-19, by displaying the potentials of the region.

Covid-19 could be a blessing in disguise as mentioned by the Assam Tourism secretary Razvee Hussian.

He further added that the states of Northeast are of a great Destination. They can emphasize on the tea tourism where they could witness the conversion of old bungalows to boutique hotels. Your tourist attraction could also come in the form of a. Experience of a life tea planter. The tourism industry could also get some support from the availability of the Chopper service from Guwahati to Kaziranga,Mamuli, etc.

The Director of Assam Tourism Department, Deba Kumar Mishra mentioned that the emphasis on local Tourism, mainly from domestic tourists and planned projects do give an appeal to a lot more people.

Mishra made a statement saying that the North East region shares borders with different countries that could be a boon for the Tourism industry. Assam is Chicken neck with Bengal, attached to 5 International borders and 8 other North eastern states that are best for Tourism.

What else could boost the tourism industry is, stressing on Eco-cultural tourism, local lifestyle and the flourish of more local commodities.

The other major emohasis is in the medical Tourism. He strssed on the need to welcome top class leading tours from Delhi, Mumbai, Telangana and other states. The Director feels blessed to have resources, the thought to ponder is to think with a perspective of a region.

There was also a talk of the sea planes by the officer of the Budget Airliner Spircejet department. Santanu Kalita made a claim that the sea planes can bring about revolution of the tourism sector.

By putting some stress on the community based tourism, he mentioned that the thinking must be straight and properly organised, in addition to good marketing. One of the main factors that needs to be highlighted is on the vicinity of the Northeast area and must have an operational arwa for a more systematic and organized tourism. Let people get some learning about their own region, and also speak of thier own region and thereby prepare a worthwhile atmosphere for tourists.

The session was concluded with the NEF cheif organiser Shyamkanu Mahanta saying that they would need support at the initial stage of the tourism sector.