On Sunday and Monday, the annual Geminid meteor shower peaks

CNN- According to the American Meteor Society, one of the most active and dependable meteors of the year is the Geminid meteor shower. The shower is expected to peak on the evening of December 13th and 14th this year. The citizens of the nation are expecting the skies to remain clear for the phenomenal experience of green fireballs show.

Each December this is experienced by people and it first appeared in 1982. Around 2 AM is the best time to see meteors rather than late evening as will appear on Sunday and Monday. During the ideal time, people from all parts of the World can witness the magic as stated by EarthSky. The point from which the meteors appear to radiate which is known as the Radiant point stays at the highest limit in the sky during this time. The time of peaking in different parts worldwide is different.

The intensity of the dark sky and time declares the number of meteors visible and Geminid shower is known for its shooting stars. According AMS, it will be easier to spot the meteors in the sky as the moon will be 1% full. The comets with icy debris create meteor showers and the shower id due to the asteroid 3200 Phaethon. The nature of Phaethon has been deeply debated by the scientists. In October 1893, Phaethon was discovered and named after the sun God as it approaches the Sun, about the son of Helios, Greek myth. 1.4 years are needed by Phaethon to complete its orbit and orbits the Sun closer than any other asteroid. The closest approach to Sun lets the steroid shed its dusty debris when it heats about 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit. The meteor shower is caused by the particles when at 22 miles per second, they plunge into earth’s atmosphere.

The portions which are not filled by bright city lights have to be targeted for better viewing experience. The meteors will be visible until dawn every couple of minutes from 10 PM.  According to AMS, in the Northern Hemisphere, the meteors will be clearly visible than any other part of the world especially Southern Hemisphere. People can view the shooting stars in the middle of the night who stays below the equator. The maximum amount of meteors will be visible in the Northern Hemisphere. The eyes should be given at least 20 to 30 minutes to adjust to the darkness and the night sky should be observed from under a comfortable blanket. The meteors will be easier to spot if more concentration is given other than the phone. A livestream will be broadcasted by NASA if people are unable to see the shower from their locations.

On Monday, people in South America will be treated with the final total solar eclipse.TimeandDate.com can be depended on for the exact timing of the eclipse in any area. The eclipse will last only for two minutes and will be visible to those from Argentina, Chile, Saavedra, and Salina del Eje.