Shoolini University tops the chart in QS rankings on citation index in India

SOLAN: Shoolini University of Biotechnology and management sciences, an eleven-year-old University secured the first position in QS rankings for citation index, a sign of quality research in institutions. Shoolini is situated in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh and shelters the best students.

Across Asia, the citation index of Shoolini has been ranked at number 14. One of the highly prestigious conceivable global ranking organizations for educational institutions is Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) which is also an independent body. Asia rankings of QS were announced on 25th Wednesday night at an online social occasion.

Shoolini is eleven years old and is the youngest to have secured a position among the top ranks. It grabbed the 38th position among all universities and educational institutions and ranked joint seventh among the private universities across the nation. It has noted that Shoolini has performed better than renowned institutions like most IITs, Punjab University and several other settled institutions.

No other institution in Himachal Pradesh has obtained a position in the top list. Shoolini was placed among top 300 Universities of Asia by the QS Asia rankings. For the first time, this University managed to get included in the QS rankings. In the 2021 edition, Shoolini debuted with a percentile development of a whopping 43.4 percent.

Shoolini, the young and Trust-run University was lately placed third in the Education Ministry’s list for registering concessions in the nation which came first among all the 23 IITs. Even the integrated out of the IITs couldn’t go near the Shoolini rank.

Vice-Chancellor Professor P.K Khosla stated that the university is glad to have achieved the greatest height and was successful to make a position among the top international Universities.

The achievement of Shoolini is being praised to such extent because it has ranked among almost 1000 institutions and Universities including IIMs, IITs, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research and several central research institutes.

Another report stated that the university has established among the top 44 percent of the world university rankings of QS. Several factors serve as global indicators on which the QS rankings are based on, which includes employee or worker reputation, citations per paper, student-faculty ratio, academic reputation, global research work,  staff with PhD degrees, international faculty and student relationship, papers per faculty, outgoing exchange students and inbound exchange students.

From among almost 20,000 institutional bodies in Asia, QS Asia rankings have added 634 institutions. For the last four years consecutively, Shoolini University based on Bajhol village in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh has been maintaining its position in the 101-150 line of the National Institute Rankings Framework (NIRF) by the Indian government’s education ministry.

As per Stanford University’s studies, not less than seven of Shoolini’s faculty members recently secured a position among the top two per cent scientists around the globe. The eleven-year, young University has filed almost 450 patents till date. In the Atal Rankings of private Institutions of Innovations and Achievements (ARIIA), Shoolini was placed in the band from six to twenty-five at the all-India level currently.

The University was awarded the prestigious QS global certification for superiority in Academic digitalization. In the Asia awards 2020, the university has been shortlisted for Times Higher Education under the division of Outstanding Student Support. 

Shoolini has always been remarkable as previously it used to be among only 35 of more than one lakh institutions along with 900 universities across the nation which was awarded certificates for Excellence in Academic digitalization. The university has implemented the SPRINT programme for which it has been shortlisted for the division of Outstanding Support for Students.