Starship is launched on highest test flight by SpaceX, crash-lands

On Wednesday, Starship was launched several miles into the air from a remote corner of Texas. It is bullet-shaped, shiny, and straight-out-of-science fiction. But, at touchdown 6 half minute test flights ended drastically in an explosive fireball.

Elon Musk says that the rocket ship could carry people to Mars in less than six years for which it was the highest and most elaborate flight. Elon musk took to twitter and tweeted “Mars here we come!” out of his thrill despite the catastrophic finale that made way to disaster. The first of the latest prototype is equipped with three engines, body flaps and a nose cone. With these features, for an altitude of up to eight miles, it was shooting. As compared to skimming the atmosphere and the previous hops, this was almost 100 times higher. Whether starship could come close or hit the mark, there was no immediate statement from SpaceX about the experience.

 Over the Gulf of Mexico, the Stainless steel model of 160 feet height and full scale with 30 feet in diameter, soared. To the southeastern tip of the Mexican border, the spaceship free-fell back after descending and flipping sideways as planned after five minutes. The rocket tilted back upright after the Raptor engines reignited for braking. The rocket ship became engulfed in flames and the parts scattered by rupturing after touching down. The entire flight lasted six minutes and forty two seconds after getting dramatic and flashy by SpaceX standards. The sunset demo was broadcasted live on SpaceX’s website. The space fans were excited with the last-second engine abort after repeated delays.

The body flaps guided the rocket to the landing point according to Musk who called it a “successful ascension.” The Starship came down too fast as a result of re-ignition of the engines. Expectations were kept low by Musk and he said that there was a 1-in-3 three chance of complete success. Jeff Bezos of Amazon offered swift congratulations to whoever founded the Blue Origin rocket company. The early vehicles reached altitudes which are essentially single Raptor engines and cylindrical cans. The squat and short Starhopper made higher climbs followed by tiny tethered hops.

Considering Musk’s envisioned Moon and Mars-ships, Starship is actually the upper stage of it. A mega booster which is still in development will make way to launch the spaceship atop it. The vehicle will be taller than NASA’s Saturn V Rocket with the tower of 394 feet and 31 feet. Men hurled to the moon by the Saturn V Rocket. In order to put satellites into Earth’s orbit, SpaceX intends to use Starship. This was done besides delivering cargo to the moon and mars and also people. NASA chose SpaceX as one of the prime contractors this year to enable astronauts to land on the moon by 2024 by developing lunar landers.

NASA announced that 18 US astronauts will be trained for the program of Artemis moon-landing right before the launch on Wednesday. Musk said he is highly confident in six years a human flight will land while taking an award in Berlin last week. The timelines of Musk can be excessively optimistic as mentioned by him. He is positive that it will take four years or less to execute what they have planned eventually.