tenet movie


The storyline of the movie keeps highlighting and describing its laminated plot concerning technology that will converse time. Gratefully, it’s has got amazing and incredible cinematography filled with action sequences that are beautifully accomplished giving an organic feel and discretion.

•          Director: Christopher Nolan

•          Producer: Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas.

 •         Casting Members:  John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki,

              Kennet Branagh, Michael Caine, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Andrew Howard, Martin     

              Donovan, Anthony Molinari, and Dimple Kapadia.

 •         Movie release date:  4th Dec 2020.

 •         Movie Featuring duration: 2 hours’ half-hour

 •         Available Language:  English, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil.

 •         Movie-Orientation:  Action and Science-Fiction based.

What is the particular Story of ‘Tenet’ all about?

A need occurs of time traveling during which the principal character stands up to the event who threatens his existence to terminate the unstoppable calamity that may be larger as compared to warfare III and nuclear disaster. Would he be ready to ‘time travel’ to guard the world?

Movie Review

The living world is just about end and also the clock is indicating yet in reverse. Completely, for the remainder of the part. Written and Directed by Christopher Nolan, the bizarre magnum composition could be a movie crammed with an event that senses a touch unreal within the doubtful times we survive in.

‘Tenet’ starts together with a boom as a stuffed National theatre in Kiev is conquered and is almost be bluster into chunks. This movie could be a forerunner to somewhat a few such examples that pervade an amount of action and enthusiasm even while the movie’s preferably complex plot could swamp you downwards. Though which spoke, the broad plan of its scenario in all fairness easy. It’s concerned with protecting the planet from a psychopathically strong Russian weapon trader Andrei (Kenneth Branagh), who might have to time travel back and forth.

At present, the plan is to strike him together with his play. Although within the last staging performance of the movie, ‘Tenet’ is all quite the lofty idea, construct believe and far-off carry flight of fascination that mixes action, adventure along with conspiracy. Finally, we can say that Christopher Nolan stands as the best director in resulting to direct most of those sequences/moments comparatively in an efficient manner.

 The protagonist John David Washington has described the concept of ‘time reverse’ and goes on a super-secret journey to safeguard the planet. He’s consolidated by his British mate Neil (Robert Pattinson), whose existence stays a secret every time. The key trip takes him to sites adding Mumbai, during which he stays inside a rich arms trader’s home for details at which point his spouse Priya (Dimple Kapadia), offers him cryptic leads which will not anytime be believed. Yet it’s solely while he encounters Andrei’s antagonized spouse Kat (Elizabeth Debicki) which he comprehends the whole possibility of exactly how complicated and dreadful the case may be.


Like other Nolan films, this movie too calls complete notices from its watcher, but no surety you’d acknowledge the movie’s nuanced story overall. Yet it doesn’t carry off against relishing the cinematography of Nolan’s clear vision imagination which is tactfully illustrated on a widescreen. The key to fun ‘Tenet’ exists inside when a scientist, describes time-reversal and informs the Protagonist.