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Mobile-First Indexing: Let’s say you want to open a website or have an existing website and want as many viewers as possible. Moreover, you want Google to Identity your website.

For this, Google has two primary functions. First, being Crawling and second Indexing. Google scans your website’s entire content, from counting the number of pages to identifying other resources like the images, PDF downloads, Ppt, Videos, etc. The process of scanning your website is known as Crawling. After crawling your website’s information, it will store its information in its database or index, and this process is referred to as Indexing.

Whenever a query is fired on a website, Google can search through Indexing and provide the user information based on the keywords typed. This is how your website will make an appearance on Google. You can follow two ways of Indexing. Google can use either the desktop version of the website or the mobile version of the desktop for Indexing.

 If Google uses the mobile version, or the default version, it is called Mobile Indexing. Initially, Google used the desktop version of Indexing. But in recent times, due to a rapid increase in mobile phones’ demand, in July 2019, Google started using the mobile version for Indexing called Mobile-First Indexing.

The most significant news was when John Mueller from Google announced that from March 2021, Google will be using mobile Indexing for Indexing of the website and will drop websites indexing altogether.

Google Maps-News Feature Live Business Information: Let’s say you are working hours and hours at home for a project or merely working your office job at home and want to stroll outside. Strolling is good, but do you wish to take any risks at this point during a Pandemic?

Yes, you can. Google Busyness information is one feature that will give you live information about the place you are about to visit. For example, you decided to visit a cafe or a Fast food center with Google maps. You type the query about the destination you are about to visit, which will allow Google to give you live information about how the cafe is functioning at this point.

This feature enables you to be well informed before time and stay safe before paying a visit to those public places. Note that this feature is only available for Google My Busyness Local users and not for public places, and with this new feature, you can look for parks, coastlines, ports for public information. 

Hum any song and search: I believe this will be the most lovable feature for anyone who is already having a tough day or not but tough enough to bear the struggle of remembering the name of the song you want to listen to. A tale of two friends who worked tirelessly at home and survived a tough day at work struggled to find a song. Seemed like they were composers, and in the midst of looking for the song, they did compose a tune, but yet kept their focus on to look for that very song. One asks the other whether he recognizes the song he hums too. Coincidentally, the other struggled to look for that song in the last ten days, and that excitement kick-started him. Both of them tried humming and get the lyrics, but sooner or later, they did manage to read how Google identity the song. Fortunately, it was just one week ago, and they saw that Google has a Hum feature. They hummed their tune with some lyrics, and eventually, they found their favorite song.

This feature is real, and now no one has to struggle with the words because Google recognizes musical notes. You better be right with notes, if not your memory, because Google has all the time to listen to you and give you what you need.