The First Black Vice President In US, Female Obama

Kamala’s maternal uncle told ET on Sunday that she would win, considering the numbers that had classified the same. Kamala is the daughter of an Indian mother and a Jamaican father who has become the first woman vice president in the United States. Considering her Indian origin and African American from her parents, she will be known as the first Indian and African black vice president. Many have termed her as the “Female Obama”. In New Delhi, Gopalan was assured of Kamala’s success and that she would make it to the second-highest officer in the US.

Balachandran also termed Kamala as a “fighter” as she can overcome challenges; she also stated that her sister had taught her to be a brave woman and fight diligently. Being the daughter of an Indian mother and a Jamaican father, Kamala Harris has become the first woman vice president.

Being the consultant at the Institute of Defence Studies and Analysis, Balachandran has also stated that Kamala is the most active vice president in US history. The consultant also claimed that her presence in the US would be more generous in the administration. Kamala has a strong sense of justice and a feel of integrity in judgment as these traits implement her fathers’ qualities.

The 56-year old Kamala Harris became America’s first black vice present and the first South Asian vice president who was elected by the citizens of the united states; this changed political power. She is the daughter of immigrants as her parents are from two different countries. Joe Biden also stated that she would be the first vice president of immigrants who have been elected to the national office in this country. It is a long-overdue success as it reminds everyone who fought so hard to make this day happen.

From now on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are sworn to be the president and vice president of the United States from January 20, 2021. Harris graduated from the Harward in 1986, she passed the following year and joined the Alameda County prosecutor’s office as an accident attorney. In the year 2003, she also won the first race for the San Francisco district. As she became the first black woman elected as California attorney, and in 2016, she became the second black woman US senator elected by the public.

People are enthusiastic about Joe’s character as he broke out the barriers of a substantial gender and selected a female vice president. As Harris is the first woman vice president, she would not be the last one because the US is a country of possibilities that may break all barriers and take up new opportunities, told by Kamala.

Harris also talked about how her parents would push her at a civil right in march. Her mother is situated from Chennai, a researcher in breast cancer, she died in the year 2019 of cancer. Harris’s father, Donald, is a Jamaican-originated professor of economics. Harris also tweeted a video after a few hours of her win stating the victory of her success. Harris finally stated after her success on the win that Joe would also become the next president of the United States and, signed off with a laugh.