The vehicles can be surrounded with a 360-degree safety cocoon by a Complete Suite of Radar Sensor Solution announced by NXP

The radar segments will be covered completely by new sensing solutions to 4D imaging radar from the NCAP corner. The reduction of R&D effort will enable faster delivery time to market and will be fueled by a scalable portfolio approach for software reuse and optimum design.

December 7th, 2020, Netherlands EINDHOVEN (GLOBE NEWSHIRE): A complete suite of new radar sensor chipset solutions have been announced by NXP, the leading producer of automatic radar. The vehicles will enable classification and identification of imaging radar with the help of 360-degree safety cocoon that will surround the vehicles. The carmakers will be offered with scalable and flexible configurations with the help of 77GHz transceivers and NXP radar processors that will make up the solutions. The configurations will address NCAP necessities for front and corner radar applications while offering the first commercially applicable way of 4D imaging radar to the production of the volume. The radar’s capabilities from measuring range and speed is expanded by 4D imaging radar to include elevation measurement, angle of arrival and direction of the radar. In order to reduce 1.3 million road deaths, these solutions have been come up with. As a central part of the drivers’ assistance systems, it also represents the evolution of the radar.

Carmakers who are focused on automated driving levels, radar can be helpful as it is a core advanced driving assistance technology and robo taxi and safe delivery applications developed by service innovators for automation levels of 4 and 5. The carmakers can benefit a lot from NXP’s new suite of radar sensing solutions as it will provide an optimized and committed approach with design re-use and critical scalability. The carmakers can focus on the needs of model portfolios and brand diversity. The time to market can be sped up and the R&D effort can be reduced and the appropriate use case can be tailored by enabling the performance with the help of flexibility of the solutions. Two new solutions of radar evolution are being enabled by NXP.

The radar’s performance is significantly enhanced with the adoption of imaging radar technology. It extends available L2+ features like lane change assistance and highway pilot and also offers super-resolution images for scene understanding and environmental mapping precisely. In urban settings, full autonomy will be enabled where driving complexity is created by vulnerable road users and vehicles. Fine angular resolution, range and processing power will be delivered by the combination of TEF82xx transceivers and NXP’s new purpose-built S32R45 radar processor. This will be highly beneficial to the vehicles as small objects can be distinguished from a distance, classification of vulnerable road users like cyclists and pedestrians can be done and imaging will also focus on providing better driving arrangements. 

Scalability for long-range front radar is also provided and cases like elevation sensing, lane change assistance and blind-spot detection are catered. Radar can detect feature for precisely mapping the car’s surroundings and imaging radar high-resolution object apart from detecting other car’s velocity and distance.  The customers can be assisted for covering NCAP requirements for safe driving. Customers total cost of ownership is optimized by NXP alone and also provides re-use and maximum scalability. 77GHz RF CMOS radar technology is produced in high volume and is also delivered broadly.

Customer sampling is being done by the new radar solution and will be set to be produced in large numbers by the end of next year. For a smarter world and advancing lives and better living, NXP semiconductors N.V is beneficial.