Top Google SEO news in September 2020

2020 seo news stories

Google search console: Google has recently announced that they will soon launch a new tool, search console insights. This tool will be a combination of the Google search console and Google Analytics. The existing users find it problematic to cope with the new tools as they are already a custom to the old ones, and they are too technical to make it easy for the website owners and users to understand how their content is performing tool will be released. It is still in beta, and it will be launched soon. 

Crawling and indexing issues:  there are many discussions on the Google webmaster forum and also in various Facebook SEO groups. That meaning is used for facing Issues related to crawling and indexing of their website. Google had confirmed on the Twitter handle that there were issues about canonicalization and mobile indexing. They were also working on these issues, and it has been seen that they have restored these issues as well as fixed them. It is also seen that 99% of the URL have been set, which were undergoing these issues. Users should not have any problems related to crawling and indexing.

Ahrefs-SEO Tool: Ahrefs has recently launched a new tool called the AWT, which stands for Ahrefs Webmasters. This tool has two sub-tools, the first one Is a site audit, and the second one is Site Explorer, which relates to the website traffic. Before we start using this tool, we need to verify Your website ownership and try connecting your Ahrefs account. A Google search console account by any three methods is very similar to the Google search console verification. These three methods include uploading your HTML file, updating the HTML header tag, or updating the DNS record. 

Google my business: This had recently introduced a new attitude related to covid-19 health and safety. These attributes are appointment, masks, and temperatures. You need to check Whether you need to make an appointment before you enter the store. Is it compulsory for you to wear a mask before entering the store? Before entering the store, the temperature must be protected—all these attributes in newly introduced during this covid pandemic season. One important point to note is that not all of these Google my business profile will be seeing this attribute because these attributes are specific according to the situation according to various people. 

Schema marker: Google had recently introduced a new schema for shipping details that relate to the cost and expenditure and the delivery of the product. With the original schema, Google has made it more is there for the standard to show that product in the search results. It is started in the US and not available in all countries. 

Bing’s new tool & HTTP2: On 4th September 2020, Microsoft had launched a new tool Robot.txt, which is very similar to robot.txt for the Google search console, Where the user can check and understand the crawling issues. Whereas on 17th September 2020, Google announced at the Google what will be trolling websites on HTTP2, so for those who don’t know what HTTP2 is, It is an advanced version of the existing HTTP protocol. It is much more efficient and faster than HTTP because it requires only one TCP connection for multiple file transfers instead of multiple connections. All the SEO professionals don’t need to do anything to crawl over HTTP2. Because Google will call only fewer websites as per their choice, and then they will gradually ramp up the HTTP2 crawling. However, if you want to opt-out of this crawling, then you can do that. You can use a secure server to respond with an HTTP status score of 421 when google Bot attempts to crawl your HTTP website.