Trump accepts Joe Biden’s Victory and takes a U-turn

Trump has taken a U-turn after accepting that Joe Biden won the Elections and said that he concedes nothing. It was in November that Joe Biden beat Trump by 306-232 margin. This margin was similar to the state by state electoral College, where the votes were in his favor in 2016. Joe Biden won by a whopping 5.5 million votes or 3.6 percentage points, and the ballots are still in the process of counting.

Trump claims on Twitter that the election was rigged, and Trump’s campaign has filed lawsuits to overturn the decisions in some States. Donald Trump still vows to keep a fight in the court, where the election law experts say that chances are severely trim.

Unlike Trump, President-elect Joe Biden has managed to prioritize the health and well-being of the citizens and is focused o the coronavirus pandemic, where meetings are set up with vaccine developers as the crisis’ increases. The US coronavirus cases crossed the 11 Million mark on Sunday and declared the fastest increase since the Pandemic. In pursuit of litigation to compete in the election results in numerous states, Donald Trump made disturbing tweets. Initially, he admitted that Biden won and then reversed it, claiming widespread voter fraud. Without referring to Biden’s name, he wrote that his victory was because the election was rigged, and 90 minutes later, he made another statement that his victory was in the eyes of a fake new media.l and has nothing to concede.

The Legal experts already mentioned a small chance of overturning the decision, and there is no proof of any massive irregularities. Ron Klain, who is Biden’s Chief of staff, said on NBC that Trump’s tweets do determine whether Joe Biden should be or not, the President of the country. The election officials of both parties also declare the absence of ay significant irregularities. Trump has also accused Democrats and other critics of delegitimizing Biden’s victory and undermining the public’s confidence in the American electoral process. The Americans have been longing for peace, and for Trump to refuse a peaceful transfer of power has to lead him to lose votes.

Trump may have refused to concede, but that did not impact Americans’ decision on choosing Joe Biden as their President. Still, the government’s standard process for administering a new president was somewhat impacted. As the Trump administration refuses to accept Joe Biden as the winner, Biden and his team were not granted access to the government office space. Biden’s victory is still recognized by the federal agency in charge of giving resources and the general services administration. On the other hand, some congressional Republicans and Trump Administration’s former members called the White House. They asked them to grant access to Biden’s team to get access to Important before governing this nation.


Joe Biden, who will take charge of the office from January, 20 will give primary concern to the country’s health crisis. Klain further adds that Biden’s scientific advisers will be meeting Pfizer Inc and other drugmakers at the beginning of this week. The plan is to prepare for a ” Giant logistical project ” for the mass production of the vaccine. .  COVID-19 has taken the lives of 245000 Americans. Pfizer said that the previous week saw a vaccine candidate’s results proving to be 90 percent effective and gave hope that the Pandemic would come under control with widespread vaccination. As per Klan, to have a vaccine is good news, but it won’t save lives. The process of vaccination will where the vaccine will be injected into people’s arms.

Anthony Fauci accentuated the significance of a smooth shift in the pandemic control and is looking forward to working with the Biden team and the existing task force. Biden’s campaign also mentioned that it raised 10.5 Million dollars of the 30 Million for the Biden fight fund.