What is the Entertainment that took us through 2020

If there one distinct comfort to the year 2020, then it is knowing that we all had the same misery. Bouncing through many reasons why feel superfluous. This year was a practice of coping with no wrong answer, be it zoom parties, Animal Crossing or even Tik Tok, YouTube yoga, bread baking or numerous other activities people passed their time with, each and everyone was given a certain degree of escape. At the least, people found their comfort through games, art, music and so much more.

 “The Difference” By Fume Feat. Toro Y Moi

Just days before San Francisco was about to be the first city to matter down a Shelter- in Place order, this movie came in to release on 13th March. “The Difference” that was created by Flume, who was the electronic music producer, alongside Toro Y Moi carelessly, became a bit too early but a strong quarantine anthem for many. You get to hear Chaz Bear’s impeccable vocals over an atypically high tempo drum and bass beat from the Australian producer, amalgamated with some weighed engineered vocal chops and bruised synths.

Horizon Zero Dawn

During the summer, especially for people living in the mountains would want to wander around and enjoy the scenic views from the top. Hiking is usually bread and butter for people living in the mountains, especially during the summer. If you like to get a jam on you, and want to get a move on, especially when you feel like you are out of breath, then Horizon Zero Dawn will get you going on your feet without you thinking about your limitations. When playing this song while hiking., you could go beyond your limitations and climb cliffs to witness ecosystems which you have never seen before. Of course, try not to lose your way in the moment. You will get to see a shocking amount of death in Horizon Zero Dawn, not just NPCs, but friends, allies, family and a deeper sadness as you walk through every aspect of Human Society. It outlines an immediate future of humankind, that is heartbreakingly conceivable, with plans failed and self exposed loss- but there is something above that could draw the attention of the audience. It is after the collapse that there is a game and also a reminder that we can rise from our bunkers to a worthwhile world.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

It may be clichéd, but when the Lockdown came to be prominent by the month of March, it could be a good time to watch it, especially when the world outside does not have anything to offer but just the virus and some stringent restrictions. This could not be everyone’s peaceful, wonderland site to stare at, nor it could be any bit of a comforting relaxing cinema, but if you go deep, then, of course, you will gravitate towards the idea of a group of men and women getting together when the times are quite tough and thereby you could also bring backlight to the world.