Whatsapp OTP Scam: How to protect oneself from the scammers, and what is the modus operandi used by the scammers?

Whatsapp OTP scam can be a significant confusion where the scammers can hack into people’s WhatsApp account using an OTP.

As reported in New Delhi, WhatsApp is a platform used by most people for chatting and interacting with contacts, but recently it is also being used by scammers illegally.

WhatsApp OTP scan is currently circling in the market where the scammers are tricking the users into revealing the OTP sent to their phone number and in a way capturing control of the user’s WhatsApp account.

Now coming to what a modus operandi of the WhatsApp OTP scam is.

WhatsApp OTP scams can be tricky to the users, and before they can figure out what is happening, the scammers gain control of their accounts. The message can be expected in any form from a friend or an unknown number where the sender is not always specific. The scammer exclaims to be in a critical situation and asks the user for the OTP in the message. The OTP sent to the user’s number is claimed to be a mistake by the scammer.

The next thing is what has to be done when one faces this kind of situation.

If user receives any such message from a close friend or anybody, the message must be ignored and not considered. OTP is the most crucial thing for local, national, and global transactions and shouldn’t be shared with anyone no matter how close a friend is. The moment the user sends the OTP to the scammer, full control of the user’s WhatsApp will be handed over to the hacker automatically. The sharing of the OTP can be very dangerous for the user as if the hacker gains access to the account, reaching out to people and doing unethical activities won’t be a task.

To avoid any such discrepancies, the user can enable two-step verification to ensure that the WhatsApp account is secured and the user’s safety will also be guaranteed. However, the two-step verification method is an optional element that can be accessed by the user. The WhatsApp user will come across a verification process after the phone number is registered before accessing the account.

The steps to enable the two step-verification are:

● The user has to go to WhatsApp settings.

● Then Account > Two-step verification > Enable

● The user has to enter a pin of any combination and then confirm the pin.

● The user can provide an email address or skip the option. The WhatsApp officials recommend adding the email address as that feature will allow the user to reset the two-step verification and, as a result, safeguard the account from unscrupulous activities.

● Then the user has to tap next.

● Then the email address needs confirmation, and Save and Done options are to be clicked.

The email address will allow the user to reset the link in case the user forgets the PIN. To help the user remember the PIN, WhatsApp prompts the user to enter the PIN periodically. If the email address is not provided, the user must wait for seven days before resetting the PIN.

To disable the two-step verification, the user has to:

● Go to WhatsApp settings.

● Then tap Account > two-step verification > disable

Enabling the two-step verification, the user can stay away from hackers who can steal sim cards, take over the user’s phone numbers, approach personal contacts, and reveal personal information. Nowadays, the increase in the number of OTP hackers has caused the Government to be distressed as several people have victims.