When Gal Gadot was turned into Wonder Woman by Moses

Moses PiniSiluk is often in disguise and is very difficult to spot as he is a renowned and the most gifted photographer of Israel. He recreated Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Theodore Herzl with prosthetics and then he recreated gay club photos which are the most popular of Tel Aviv’s. Moses explained that he took him to see how free and wild Israel was.

While other citizens of Israel were at home during the pandemic, Moses had an adventurous experience. In Tel Aviv’s beach, he took Shtisel star SassonGabai and Dov Glickman. The Live Magazine’s September cover had the socially distanced licensed shot of the sunset but Moses, other than visual risk taking, has much more in store.  Gal Gadot can confirm that Moses can also manifest the future.

The audience is primed to reacquaint themselves with the Amazonian warrior and awaits to see the sequel of Wonder Woman 1984 to hit the theatres on December 16th to run for one month in the UK cinemas.  Moses had already anticipated her superhero future before Wonder woman could put on her clingy Gladiatorial armor and pick up a sword for Warner Bros.

Moses stated that seven years before Gal Gadot bagged the role of Wonder Woman, he presented her as the superhero in a shoot for ShevaLeylot magazine. According to the lens maestro, she was someone with strong determination and was a rising star in Israel back then. The idea of a superhero triggered when Moses observed Gal taking care of the family and flying around the world. She posed for the portrait happily and never knew what awaits her.

Moses’ expertise lies in the fact that he can manipulate in an inspired collection of self-portraits, images of the past and the famous artists’ identities who have long gone are adopted by him. He adds that those are his interpretations of Tikkon Olam.

Moses believes that the dreams of the artists should be resolved who got recognition in their lifetime, in his portraits. So, he created portraits of experience by transforming into the artists physically and spiritually. In his portrait Truth Come Dream Come True of Vincent Van Gogh, it is evident that the concept is complex but is with an enormous heart. Moses showed Van Gogh what he deserved posthumously as he could not sell any piece of his work except one and did not receive the deserved support. Moses showcased him on the hoarding by taking him to New York’s Metropolitan Museum. Moses set a portrait of Da Vinci in Uffizi Gallery of Florence where he never received commission.

His epic-sized image Lion of Zion looks like a classical painting but it has been digitally painted in photoshop for several days. The moral of the soldiers during the last war with Hammas was raised by featuring a spectacular lion wearing tefillin. In 1999, Moses got into photography and photographed high-energy parties which the famous attended and started off as a night-life snapper. He understood the power of capturing a fleeting moment for all time after the idea clicked while shooting a kibbutz soldier’s party. Just as the transformation of Gal, Moses acted out similarly with Gilad Hardan, UN’s Israeli ambassador, and had quite fun during shoots.