Why are the cases of “COVID-19” increasing this winter?

Unlocking due to the sliding down of the economy and the increase in pollution levels led to an increase in the COVID-19 cases this winter. The winters’ onset shows that the cases might increase suddenly as the mercury level dips down. Many countries are experiencing the second wave of COVID-19 cases, most significantly being Russia and the United Kingdom. The expert panel headed by VK Paul also asserted that India could be caught with the second wave during this winter.

Some predictions led to state the increase of COVID-19 cases this winter. The cases had registered a spike of 40% in the United Kingdom during this winter. According to various predictions, the UK country is expected to see 120,000 deaths. There were many rumors that the virus would get killed due to harsh heat or freezing winters, but the virus has survived summers and monsoons if we see. It is told that the virus would exceed in winters too. Without any confirmation on the covid cases thriving during winters, it is assumed that this may occur.

COVID-19 is assumed to consider the second wave during the winters but according to various studies, as the Spanish flu, Asian flu, Hong Kong Flu had been entering the second wave just after six months.

The virus will last for a year this November as it started in the year 2019, in Wuhan city. A study suggests that the Swine flu cases had surged in Maharashtra. This year, winters would be severe as many people suffer respiratory problems during winters. Since India is highly polluted, it might co-inside with the virus and hit various highly polluted cities.

As per the seasonal change, there are no statistical data of the virus changing but the virus mainly thrives in winter as per statistical predictions. It is also expected that covid-19 may increase in all countries including in India, during winters. In the coming two months, it is more likely to be unlocked because of India’s festive season, which can lead to reopening of trains, flights, inter-state Travel, which gives an increase in the covid-19 cases during this period. To check the number of cases, whether it has increased or decreased, many European countries are going for a second lockdown, which can lead to accurate statistical data as per the covid-19 analysis.

Also, there is no statistical approval data for the virus to decrease in the coming winter. Still, it is likely seen that virus has increased in colder seasons, which leads to the expected assumption of the same from November to February. “Delhi can report over 15,000 covid cases daily in winters”, warned the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). Keeping that in mind, it is advised by a note of caution to follow all the precautionary measures by the start of winter’s so that there is no fear in heading towards the increased rates. It is advised to wear the mask and maintain proper social distancing and take preventions, which is better than a cure, as stated by the Minister.

The Minister also stated his weekly social interaction Samvaad program on Sunday that, SARS Cov 2 was also a respiratory virus transmitted during the winter because of it being spread during the cold weather. If we go with the Indian context, it would be wrong to assume that covid cases increase in the winters. A tendency for overcrowding in residential dwellings during this time, and because of this, the transmission of covid-19 can increase.